Delaware Township School District (19-1040)

Delaware Township School District

Students are the focus of Delaware Township School. Our Pre K to 8 school district provides a comprehensive program for each of our nearly 400 students, including students from our successful Inter-district Choice School Program. Our school district believes that each student is unique and we encourage diversity and flexibility in our programs to meet all students’ needs. Our school community is active and vibrant. Our highly qualified faculty and administrators, paired with a supportive school community, work collaboratively to assure that students at DTS continue to achieve at superior academic levels.

The Delaware Township School District creates an educational environment that brings learning to life. Our partnerships with our various parent/community groups, Partners in Education and Homeroom Partners encourage community interest, parent participation and financial support of our outstanding programs. Our Board of Education is committed to providing strong curricular programs for all students, as well as providing intervention programs, special education classes and multiple gifted enrichment opportunities for our students. In addition, our students are provided the best opportunity to reach their full potential through participation in a comprehensive extracurricular and sports program. Our highly active student council, multiple STEM related clubs, literary magazine ; drama and talent shows; learning lab; middle school sports; and band and chorus programs represent a wide variety of opportunities available for all students.

Delaware Township School serves as the center of our entire community. Residents identify with our school district and it serves as a source of pride to all. The school report card gives members of our community a snapshot of many facets of our school district’s successes. The multiple sources of data included in this report confirm that Delaware Township School continues to be a high achieving school with a nurturing environment. The entire DTS community is proud of our outstanding students and faculty, innovative programs and superior student achievement.