The Delaware Valley Regional High School District can be found in the heart of pastoral and beautiful Hunterdon County, New Jersey. The District serves students in grades nine through twelve who reside in the five municipalities that comprise our region: Alexandria Township, Frenchtown Borough, Holland Township, Kingwood Township, and Milford Borough. 
The District benefits from a smaller student enrollment, which consists of approximately 900 young men and women. As such, Delaware Valley appreciates a strong sense of community and family. At Delaware Valley our students are our center. Our first priority is the growth, success, and well being of each of these fine young men and women. We are fundamentally committed to prepare our pupils for their life pursuits through focused leadership, an engaging program, a positive school culture, and school-wide pride.

Delaware Valley Regional High School has made a concerted effort to recognize the achievements, strengths, and talents of all of our students. We appreciate that success comes in many shapes and forms, and we acknowledge that students are not merely their test scores. Scholars, musicians, athletes, artists, actors, writers, trusted leaders and friends, role models, philanthropists, social beings and thinkers can all be found within our halls and classrooms. Students are featured each month at Board of Education meetings, and are publicly recognized for their contributions to their programs and/or our school community. Our new website marquis provides viewers a glimpse into our exceptional student body.

At Delaware Valley we maintain a rigorous academic program that includes accelerated credit programs, early credit and concurrent learning programs through a partnership with Raritan Valley Community College, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS), and a variety of Advanced Placement courses. At Delaware Valley Regional High School we focus on the “whole” student, and in addition to our academic programs, our students enjoy a myriad of co-curricular activities from clubs to student government, theater and award winning music programs, to championship athletic teams. 

We continue to administer the PSATs for students in grades 9-11. Younger students will benefit through the exposure to more advanced course material, while upperclassmen will have greater preparation for the SAT. Results allow the district to connect student growth from year to year and to acquire historic data for comprehensive student performance analysis.

The region stretches 90 square miles, and provides full transportation to and from school each day. “Late” buses transport pupils home from after school activities twice per week. Delaware Valley Regional High School partners with the three transporting elementary districts, Alexandria Township, Holland Township, and Kingwood Township to form the “Transportation Jointure.” The Jointure historically ranks #1 in efficiency in Hunterdon County and within the top ten across the entire state. 

In an effort to contain costs, the Delaware Valley Regional High School Board of Education prides itself on its commitment to “Acting Like a K-12” through the sharing of professional and educational services. Our Superintendent and School Business Administrator also serve in their respective roles at Frenchtown Elementary School District through shared administrative services agreements. Our Transportation Department provides services not only through the Jointure, but also to several public school districts in and out of Hunterdon County. Our Technology Department serves both public schools and municipal government throughout the county, as well.

We thank the faculty, staff, students, parents, and community for their continued support, and look forward to another successful year at Delaware Valley Regional High School!