Holland Township School District (19-2220)

Holland Township School District

Holland Township School, a hub in a developing rural community, is committed to providing the strongest educational foundation on which our children at all grade levels can achieve the New Jersey Curriculum and Common Core Standards to build a successful and productive future. Through diverse, intellectual, cultural, and social learning experiences, each child will be challenged to reach his or her fullest potential in a safe and nurturing environment.

The district is home to approximately 550 students in Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade housed in one building. After eighth grade our students attend Delaware Valley Regional High School.

The Holland Township School District has a long standing reputation for excellence providing our students with educational programs and opportunities that promote personal growth and academic achievement. Students are provided with experiences that teach them the responsibilities of good citizenship and prepare them to become individuals who can effectively function in our democratic society.

The district is committed to educating all students and provides differentiated instruction that meets the individual needs and differences of our pupils. Our commitment to inclusion provides our special needs students with the opportunity to participate in heterogeneously grouped general education classes.

Teachers incorporate the use of technology into their daily instruction, and computer and technological skills for students are integrated into the curriculum rather than standing alone. Each classroom is equipped with SmartBoard technology, computers, and internet access. The district has implemented a 1:1 technology program for grades 4-8 where each student has a Chromebook to use at school and home. The focus is on efficiency, communication, global reach, collaboration, and other 21st Century skills

Our school operates under a community school concept and we are committed to open and honest communication between school and community. Our school facilities are used for a variety of community activities including scouts, township-sponsored sports, and meetings of community-based committees and organizations.

Dedicated to providing a positive, safe, and nurturing environment where all students strive to reach their full potential the district includes programs for bullying prevention, character building and community service.

I am proud of the efforts and accomplishments of our students and staff, and I look forward to continuing our efforts with parents and the community in providing our students with the best education possible.