Hunterdon Central Regional High School District (19-2300)

Hunterdon Central Regional High School District

Located in beautiful, historic Hunterdon County in central New Jersey, Hunterdon Central Regional High School serves the five municipalities of Delaware Township, East Amwell Township, Flemington Borough, Raritan Township and Readington Township. The District is comprised of 152.5 square miles and has a population of approximately 51,468 residents.

One of the largest, campus-style high school districts in New Jersey, the school occupies a 72 acre campus and includes four general classroom buildings, a Music Building, a 2,000 seat Fieldhouse and an Instructional Media Center (library). A Communications Building houses an FM radio station and cable television station, from which satellite downlinks are available.

The total student enrollment at Hunterdon Central is approximately 3,100. The school operates under an A/B block schedule system, which supports the District mission, “To create teaching and learning environments that engage all students, foster achievement and cultivate the skills needed to compete, connect and collaborate as ethical and responsible participants in a global society."

Hunterdon Central has an outstanding Academic Curriculum of approximately 194 General Education courses, 47 Honors courses, 30 Advanced Placement courses, 39 Special Education courses and 23 English Language Learner courses of study. Every course at the high school is in alignment with the national Common Core Curriculum Standards.

Hunterdon Central's dedicated professional staff is committed to providing a rigorous and expansive academic program to our students. In the classroom, teachers incorporate technology and instructional strategies that develop critical thinking skills, as well as content knowledge. The District offers a staff training program, which has achieved state and national recognition from The National Center for Public Productivity at Rutgers University, The New Jersey Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, and the U.S. Department of Education-Professional Development National Awards.

Technology is an integral part of a Hunterdon Central education, promoting increased academic engagement and a high level of skill development. Curriculum and instruction feature wireless connectivity, digital multimedia devices, web publishing tools and a wide array of subject-specific software to enhance students' comprehension and skills. 21st Century Instruction and 21st Century Learning are the emphasis for Hunterdon Central. The emphasis for 21st Century Instruction continues to be the integration of technology as an educational instrument. Technology utilization is encouraged to differentiate and individualize instruction, offering modifications to the usual instructional tasks and providing students with an individual, self-paced instructional process. Decision-making is a major component of the use of technology, with the opportunity for students to synthesize and evaluate information. In addition to an instructional focus, the programs offered online will aid students with remedial instructional support.

In 2015-2016, our educational community participated in the NJDOE pilot program focused upon the “Connected Action Roadmap” (CAR). The CAR model offers our professional staff with a more formalized Professional Learning Community (PLC) process. This will continue to support our primary school goals of implementing technology as an educational instrument and the art of questioning as a reasoning tool. In addition to these areas of focus, the interpretation of student data to refine instructional focus will enhance effective instructional pedagogy and refine the learning outcomes of each lesson and unit.

The high school also offers a strong Co-curricular Program of approximately 65 clubs and activities, including dramatics, student government, publications, service organizations, and award-winning choral and orchestral programs. Hunterdon Central offers student-athletes an Athletic Program of 33 highly competitive interscholastic sports teams.

In 2002, Hunterdon Central became the only New Jersey school to be awarded the status of Blue Ribbon School by the U. S. Department of Education for the second time, the first being in 1997. This honor, the highest national recognition a school can achieve, is awarded for excellence in instructional delivery and educational environment. The school was also the first in the State of New Jersey to be designated as a Star High School by the New Jersey Department of Education.
Hunterdon Central continues to receive recognition for expanding opportunity and the improvement of student performance within the AP classes. This designation was presented to Hunterdon Central in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016, by being named to the Annual AP District Honor Roll .

Hunterdon Central was approved as a choice district for the 2016-2017 New Jersey Inter-district School Choice Program.