Readington Township School District (19-4350)

Readington Township School District

Located in Hunterdon County, Readington Township School District is a Pre-Kindergarten through grade eight district regarded for its excellence in academic and environmental focus. Students attend Hunterdon Central Regional High School for grades nine through twelve. The total student population of the district is approximately 1620 students, housed in four buildings. Whitehouse Elementary School and Three Bridges Elementary School accommodate about 600 students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through third, while Holland Brook School services approximately 400 fourth and fifth grade students. The Readington Middle School is composed of grades six, seven, and eight with close to 650 students. The maximum class size in the elementary schools is 21 students. Class size limits for grades four and above is 25 students.

Readington Township School District is committed to meeting the needs of all students. The districts’ exemplary literacy program embodies writing workshop, word study, guided reading, and reading workshop. Our teachers are highly trained and provide a rich instructional experience to our students. Math instruction is guided by the core standards, with advanced levels of instruction beginning in third grade. Some of our students complete Algebra II by the end of their 8th grade year. Science and social studies classes are taught by our highly qualified, knowledgeable educators in a way that brings research and history to life.

School-wide Enrichment teachers provide enhanced experiences to individual and small groups of students based on interests, talents, and creativity. A Spanish language program is provided in grades K through five, and middle school students select a 3-year program in Mandarin, French, or Spanish. Special Education programs meet the needs of identified students through a variety of programs and placements, including inclusion, in and out of class resource support, and self-contained classrooms. Intervention services are available at all schools for students needing academic support.

Technology is an important tool for both classroom instruction and communication. In order to facilitate interactive communication among teachers, parents and students, the district has implemented a Student Information System program which includes an online gradebook feature, homework assignment tab, and conference scheduling capability. The district schools have computer labs for whole class use, laptop carts for class projects, and chromebooks for student use during the academic day. All of the school libraries are automated and students are encouraged to use the tools of technology for gathering and presenting research. All classrooms are equipped with sound field systems and overhead LCD projectors. Teachers use electronic white boards and interactive PC tablets.

Staff development is a critical component of effective teaching. The Readington School District supports extensive staff development in order to implement best practices and research-based approaches that increase student learning. Additionally, a Teacher’s Academy offers educators the chance to receive training in special areas, such as Writing Workshop, 21st Century Skills, and differentiated instruction.

Support from the community and district parents continues to enhance our student programs. We are fortunate to have an active parent-teacher organization, the Home School Association, to provide rich cultural programs at all schools. Funds in the form of mini-grants are given to teachers for innovative projects. Through the collaboration of parents, educators, community members, and businesses, we set educational goals that prepare our students for a future of possibilities and success. Every activity or initiative focuses on student learning and is reflective of our belief in providing engaging opportunities for all students.