Princeton Public Schools (21-4255)

Princeton Public Schools

The Princeton Public Schools are committed to preparing every child to change the world. That change may come in the form of art or music, science or technology, political action or social justice. As we strive to serve the more than 3700 students from the Princeton and Cranbury communities, we do so knowing that our work with them in the classroom, on the athletic field, and on the stage matters deeply to each one and to the larger society into which they will graduate.

Our children have the benefit of exceptional curricula, talented teachers and a strong base of resources, including specialized facilities and community partners. From pre-school through senior year, our learners are challenged to grasp new knowledge, ask great questions and pursue their passions. They are guided by both teachers and families to make good decisions, to serve their fellow human beings, and to live lives of joy and purpose.

It is a combination of community standards, personal expectations, rigor, care and passion that creates the positive conditions for our learners’ successes. Our exceptional results can be measured statistically by state tests, by Advanced Placement exams, by reading and math benchmarks, by graduation rates, and by college acceptances. They can be measured as well by our students’ athletic and artistic performances, by their fluency in numerous world languages, by their contributions to culture and community, and by their character and compassion. By every indicator, we are certainly a district of high performing students.

It is also our job, however, to be a district of high performing professionals. We take pride as educators in enhancing our craft through professional development experiences in areas such as reading and writing workshop, proven mathematical practices, differentiated instruction and performance-based assessment. As a member of the Tri States Consortium, we also ask peer districts to observe our work, to offer critical recommendations and to assist us in providing our students with exceptional and innovative educational experiences.

The mission of the Princeton Public Schools is to prepare all of our students to lead lives of joy and purpose as knowledgeable, creative, and compassionate citizens of a global society. To achieve this mission, we maintain a focus on the following values:
• Our schools are places of partnership where educators work closely with one another, where relationships with families are forged, and where collaborations with individuals and organizations across our community and throughout the world support the highest levels of teaching and learning.
• Our schools are places of innovation where curiosity is sparked, risk-taking is encouraged, and where problems are viewed as opportunities for deeper understanding and creative solutions.
• Our schools are places of care where every child is known, every culture valued, and where kindness and courage are modeled.

Our community, faculty, staff and Board are working together to support each of these values knowing that it is in the intersection of all three that our schools and our students will flourish.