Robbinsville Public Schools (21-5510)

Robbinsville Public Schools

Robbinsville Schools seeks to provide an outstanding educational program for students; one in which inquiry, discovery, and the love of learning are cultivated while students develop strong academic and interpersonal skills. The faculty and staff in Robbinsville are committed to creating personalized learning experiences for all students where each learner is challenged to reach his/her full potential. By following the best educational practices supported by active professional development, students in Robbinsville are offered an academic program consistent with its community’s demand for excellence.

Robbinsville Township is a developing suburban community comprised of families that are dedicated to seeing that significant learning opportunities are afforded their children. The community values a safe, personal, and challenging educational climate, one in which students are permitted to learn and grow in an environment that encourages appropriate educational risk taking. In addition, the school district and community understand the importance of engaged and involved parents and are proud to support a culture where the school and home partnership is strong. This partnership is supported by a small town feel that continues to be associated with residency in Robbinsville.

The school district is currently home to 3100 students. To date, the community has responded to the challenges associated with growth by supporting the construction of facilities and staffing designed to offer a strong educational program with appropriate class sizes. Coupling the challenges of growth with the increasing scarcity of resources has caused school officials to become more creative in generating revenue and more skilled at leveraging resources to ensure a continued value on a breadth of excellent programs. Robbinsville is proud to offer an outstanding curricular and co-curricular program at a per pupil cost lower than almost all other New Jersey districts of similar size.

Because of strong community support, the co- and extra- curricular programs in Robbinsville remain a source of pride in the township. Although relatively young, Robbinsville High School boasts several state championship athletic teams as well as competitive music, theatrical, and academic programs. The school district budget also continues to fund after school programs for grades 6 through 12 so that all students can explore an array of interesting and engaging experiences. Believing that opening doors of opportunity is central to its mission, school officials and community members understand the importance addressing the interests and aptitudes of students beyond the classroom.

Routine examination of state and local assessments provides a solid basis for decision making as district leaders and teachers continuously refine the academic curriculum. Robbinsville students regularly perform at levels consistent with peers in similar suburban districts yet district officials are committed to seeing levels of performance increase. For our core academic areas, faculty in grades K-12 are trained in a workshop model for reading and writing so that students can interact with a wide array of challenging texts in order to be able to refine their reading and writing skills. Building upon this foundation, upper grade students are challenged to understand the values associated with literacy in and out of the language arts classroom. In mathematics, Robbinsville boasts a program that challenges students to learn foundational mathematical concepts in a real-world context. By using a variety of resources, students are given a chance to gain confidence in mathematics in an environment that supports many learning styles. Science teachers have embedded the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) into their daily instruction so that students learn how to make claims, provide evidence, and rationalize their thinking in authentic contexts. Social Studies classes analyze national and global issues and practice communicating and collaborating with their peers. World Language classes help students develop global awareness and language acquisition as well as vital reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Overall, Robbinsville’s academic program offers comprehensive curriculum in the sciences, humanities, world languages, and 21st Century skills that is designed to provide a well-rounded and comprehensive academic experience for every learner.

Continually striving toward greater levels of effectiveness, the Robbinsville Public Schools seek to compete with the finest learning institutions in public education. With its dedicated faculty and staff, realizing the district’s commitment to educational excellence remains a central objective.