Carteret Public School District (23-0750)

Carteret Public School District

The Carteret School District provides a comprehensive curriculum which prepares our students for lifelong learning, for earning a living, and for moral and ethical citizenship in a demographic environment. The district curricula offerings are enhanced by the Carteret Curriculum Council.
We prepare our graduates to develop personal and social responsibilities and foster an internal sense of self-worth, while maintaining respect and dignity of others. Programs concerned with prejudice reduction, positive values, as well as the reduction of substance abuse, violence, crime, and gangs are part of the curriculum.
The Carteret Schools provide opportunities for parental involvement, as well as the participation of community, local businesses, and higher education to support and encourage Carteret students to identify and pursue their lifelong goals. The district supports parental involvement via PTO’s and community related endeavors. Parents are encouraged to attend workshops such as Family Math, Literacy Nights, Technology, and Science Nights, as well as various cultural festivals. We strive to expand our liaison with Rutgers University, Kean University, Seton Hall University and Middlesex County College, whereby teachers and students gain university credit while at Carteret.

The goal of the Board of Education is to obtain the resources necessary for the district to attain maximum achievement of all our objectives. We continue to maintain and upgrade our facilities, to develop a district budget that is fiscally responsible, and ensure that technological efficiency is accomplished.

Professional development workshops for staff to keep informed of the latest research and instructional strategies and meaningful materials are offered during the school year. We continue observing all staff with an emphasis on coaching and incorporating effective instructional methodologies. Professional Development Committees are presently established in all schools for teachers to adopt more essential and dynamic roles within their perspective schools. Additionally, teachers work in Professional Learning Communities to research, discuss, and implement best practices.
As per the TeachNJ/Achieve Act , assessment has become the focus of evaluating student and school performances and achievement. Yearly school and district objectives concentrate on increasing test scores on all levels. The district early childhood initiatives adhere to state guidelines, whereby offering a high-quality preschool program utilizing Tools of the Mind for all four-year-old children enrolled in the district. All Pre-K Paraprofessionals hold National Certification: Child Development Associate. Kindergarten teachers are engaged in rigorous training regarding early childhood education.

Reading interventions such as Read Naturally, Orton Gillingham, and Wilson Fundations address literacy in the primary grades while Read180 and Systems 44 address literacy at the middle school level. Title I students are utilizing iRead and Leveled Literacy Intervention to improve their skills in reading at the primary level. Title I students at Carteret Middle School are using Math 180. We also utilize federal funds to implement a School-Based Youth Services Program, after school programs, tutorials, as well as our Summer Reading Program to provide effective interventions in assisting our students to achieve improved test results. Students are monitored using Star Assessments to determine their proficiency level in Reading and Mathematics. The district has purchased a new writing program which is being utilized in grades kindergarten through grade 5.Technology integration and STEAM are school wide goals and Carteret Middle School is at the forefront of progressive technology education. Our high school students have the opportunity to participate in the 21st-century community learning Center's program, which are extremely successful after school programs that provide tutoring, classes in the arts, athletics, communications, college/university visitations and community service projects.

Carteret Public Schools are truly focused on and in pursuit of achieving their short and long range goals of improving student achievement and promoting lifelong learning.