Dunellen Public School District (23-1140)

Dunellen Public School District

Dunellen is a quaint, suburban community that features a historic downtown that serves as the hub that connects the tree-lined streets and stately homes that dominate this mile-square enclave. Once known as a “railroad town,” the boro is now home to more than 7,000 people. Some hop on the Raritan Valley line for the short commute to jobs in Newark or Manhattan, while others take to the numerous roadways nearby for an easy trek to places of employment throughout New Jersey.

Our school district is committed to the mission of preparing our students to meet the academic, emotional, and social challenges of the future by providing them with the essential skills necessary to acquire a common body of knowledge and understanding in accordance with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, and providing a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment where students respect themselves and others, share their talents with the wider community, and recognize the need to pursue excellence in their lives.

We are dedicated to forging a partnership with teachers, parents, administrators, and the community to help us fulfill our mission while helping our young people reach their goals. As a result, the district serves as a connection for the community, bringing the populace together for social, artistic, athletic, and musical performances at all of our schools.

The population of the school district has grown beyond 1,100, housed in three schools: Faber Elementary School (Pre-K – 5th grade), Lincoln Middle School (6th grade – 8th grade), and Dunellen High School (9th grade – 12th grade). Technology is a point of emphasis at all three levels. Every student in the district has access to a Chromebook in every classroom. Every classroom is equipped with a SmartBoard, allowing teachers to go far beyond the textbook in creating a stimulating, interactive learning environment in which the student – not the teacher – is the focal point.

Professional development is a vital part of the Dunellen School District. Our teachers are encouraged to attend workshops that will broaden their educational horizons. Upon their return they are expected to share their experience with their colleagues. The idea of “teachers teaching teachers” is becoming the centerpiece of our professional development experience, ensuring that the topics are relevant to all of the stakeholders in the Dunellen Educational Community.

Our school district – like our town – is a close knit community that values every individual and is committed to excellence in all areas. And, like all communities, it is demographically changing. But, as we continue to evolve and become more diverse, we will continue to maintain our identity as a small town with “big time” ideals.