Jamesburg Public School District (23-2370)

Jamesburg Public School District

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members:

On behalf of the Jamesburg Pubic Schools, I am proud to provide you with this copy of the New Jersey Report Card for our district and two schools. The subsequent information will provide a method for tracking our district’s progress in addressing the needs of all students in our educational community.

Over the following year, we will continue look at all options and programs that will assist our efforts to help all children reach their potential. Our slogan of “Celebrating Pride in Ourselves, Our Schools and Our Community” is meant to focus the local community and school on the broad goal of giving our children the necessary skills to be successful in all future endeavors. Although our schools have met with success regarding federal and state educational benchmarks, we believe that to meet these every increasing levels and help children become prepared for the future, giving our staff of experienced professionals the instructional skills is a necessary component to success. Our instructional improvement plan was revised and includes:

Focus on the use of standards
• Align our curriculum with the national and state standards
• Intensify the review and support for all at-risk students
• Emphasize authentic, active and hands-on experiences for all students
• Use of open-ended questions in all content areas
• Focus all staff meetings on professional development
• Implement the concept that learning is not time restricted
• STEM and STEAM infusion into lesson planning
• Technology integration and one-on-one learning
• Curriculum process, ongoing and an active process

As the year progresses, various professional development activities will be implemented to address these items. The end result is meant to be a district committed to all children believing that each has potential and will achieve high levels of success. In Jamesburg, all means all with no shame, blame or excuses for failure. We believe that all students, regardless of background or ethnicity, can and do learn and are capable to achieve at high levels. The success of our outstanding pre-school program begins the process of life-long learning we strive to instill in our children.

We are excited about the many initiatives that are making this excellent school district even better in the future. The focus of our efforts continues to be the high achievement for all students of the Jamesburg Public Schools.