Middlesex Borough School District (23-3140)

Middlesex Borough School District

The Middlesex Borough Public School system is comprised of five schools: three primary (K-3), one middle school (4–8), and one high school (9-12). One of our primary schools houses the preschool program as well. The schools serve approximately 2,100 students. There is also a “community school”, which provides before school, after-school and adult school programming. The Board of Education consists of nine members and has a very close working relationship with the Mayor and Borough Council as well as the Middlesex Police Department and other emergency personnel. As a result, incidents of violence and vandalism in the schools have decreased over the past few years and school safety initiatives have been implemented such as a full staff training by the Middlesex Police Department in Crisis Prevention and Intervention. The district this year has a School Resource Officer at Middlesex High School. Moreover, the district makes certain that outside organizations are included in our programming. The senior citizens, VFW, American Legion, and the Elks are some of the groups partnering with our schools, either in aiding students or joining us at various activities. During the 2015-16 school year, the Board continued to communicate with the community by using an eblast system, Facebook page, and Twitter to disseminate information accurately and efficiently to keep the community informed about school functions and community activities.

The Middlesex Borough School District embraces the philosophy that every learner is capable of learning and achieving at high levels. Our educational philosophy and staff development has been focused on strategies for teaching all learners. All students have gifts, and the goal has been to nurture each child’s unique talents and support them while they overcome challenges, without compromising a rigorous instructional program. To that end we have focused professional development on ensuring that the delivery of the integrated language arts program is consistent across grade levels. During 2015-16 teachers worked with the Curriculum Director, now Assistant Superintendent, to implement a new K-6 standards-based mathematics program. Further, our students have been using technology daily in order to establish it as a routine tool for learning. The district resources have supported increased availability of Chromebooks to ensure the alignment between regular classroom practice and PARCC readiness.

The focus this year will be to strategically roll out an integrated Reading and Writing Workshop program in grades K-5. The focus is on classroom libraries, guided reading strategies, and integrating non-fiction text. The Lucy Calkins Writer’s Workshop is being implemented as we support teachers through embedded professional development opportunities and Professional Learning Communities (PLC).

The 2015-16 school year continued to provide outstanding academic programs fostering student achievement, high levels of staff involvement in the educational process, numerous staff recognition opportunities, parent involvement, and community partnerships. Our district is committed to providing a safe, pleasant, and supportive environment for learning and has plans to make further enhancements. Our students and their families are our first priority as we move them toward college and career readiness. We welcome the pubic to follow our journey via social media and at our website at www.middlesex.k12.nj.us.