Milltown School District (23-3220)

Milltown School District

The 2015-16 school year in the Milltown School District continued to provide outstanding academic programs fostering high student achievement, high levels of staff involvement in the educational process, extensive parent involvement, and meaningful community partnerships. Our Board of Education is most supportive of high quality education and the administrative team provides highly capable leadership.

The Milltown School District embraces the philosophy of academic mastery. Our educational philosophy and staff development focuses on content standards and emphasizes strategies for teaching all learners through differentiated instruction. The District continues to incorporate a systemic intervention program at all grade levels to support the success of our learners and prepare them for high school. The District focuses on providing each child the least restrictive learning environment to meet their needs as demonstrated in the expansive inclusion program. The District continues to revise and implement rigorous curriculum that includes a focus on writing and problem-solving skills. All teachers meet several times each year as professional learning communities to review data and discuss methods to continuously improve instruction. Additionally, teachers participate in study groups that offer the opportunity for professional dialog about current educational topics through an on-line forum.

Continued success does not happen without vision, planning, and commitment. It requires a concerted effort by all who are involved with educating our children. Through the district Strategic Plan, there is a focus on academic excellence, lifelong learning, technology and communication, and adapting to change. As we report the many successes of the 2015-16 school year, we have enthusiastically embarked upon the next school year with an equal commitment to meet the needs of every learner through continuous improvement.

The true pride of the Milltown School District, as a whole, is that the District never rests on its successes, nor is it satisfied that it has gone far enough. The professional staff, with the backing of a forward thinking Board of Education and supportive community, is always receptive to cutting edge educational research and is always exploring innovative curriculum, strategies and techniques to keep us in the forefront of education. New research skills, and many more exciting and challenging areas are pursued during these critically important primary school years. The current curriculum is rigorous and standards-based, resulting in our students continuing to meet and exceed performance expectations.