South Amboy School District (23-4830-030)

South Amboy Middle/High School

South Amboy Middle/High School offers a wide variety of academic, athletic, and art programs to students in grades 6-12. It is our belief that we must educate our students in as many ways as possible. Athletic and art programs, as well as academics are viewed as integral in order to educate students and prepare them for a productive and rewarding place in the community. Our Middle School program is one that adheres to the "Team Teaching Model" of middle school education. Our middle school students are provided with thematic­ based learning experiences across the curriculum to make the learning experience more meaningful and enjoyable.

The High School program for grades 9-12 meets the educational and emotional needs of all of our students while also meeting and exceeding the expectations of the state standards. We offer classes for students with varying abilities and interests. Our offerings include advanced placement classes, honors classes, career education, fine arts, and special education programs to ensure each child's educational needs are met. We also offer a small school environment where every student can be known, recognized, and appreciated.

The South Amboy High School athletic programs are very successful and include a large number of our students. The athletic teams enable students to learn important life skills, personal discipline, hard work, and good sportsmanship. Additional school programs such as band, chorus, drama and business/vocational programs engage students whose talents are best realized through these venues. Our co-curricular programs and activities help strengthen essential secondary academic skills, increasing students' ability to achieve within their core academic subjects.

As a regular part of their educational experience, all students are required to complete 120 hours of community service in order to graduate. In keeping with the theme of community service during School Spirit Week classes compete in food drives, clothing drives, and aiding the U.S. Marine Corps in Toys for Tots. Truly our students and staff work for the improvement and welfare of our community.

We have a great deal of which to be proud of at the South Amboy Middle/High School. Our staff works diligently in meeting the needs of all of our students as well as the expectations of the community. Our goal is to reach every student in every class so that their potential can be realized. It is through our children that our hopes for a bright future will be realized and we are pleased that teachers, students, and parents continue to work and learn as a collaborative team in our professional learning.