South Plainfield School District (23-4910)

South Plainfield School District

On behalf of the entire South Plainfield community, it is with pride and pleasure that we present the annual District Report Card. This effort is designed to provide comparative data to assist in assessing our effectiveness as a comprehensive, child-centered educational organization. Further, the New Jersey School Report Card establishes a system of accountability for all schools state-wide and we in South Plainfield welcome this opportunity.

The South Plainfield School District is dedicated to ensuring that all students are equipped with the essential skills necessary to acquire a common body of knowledge and understanding. On a daily basis, we strive to instill the desire to question and look for truth in order that students may become critical thinkers and lifelong learners. It is our proclaimed mission to educate students who will become contributing members of society, living in a technology rich environment of mutual respect and consideration.

Our School District consists of seven schools that house approximately 3,800 students. Four of our five elementary schools, Franklin, John F. Kennedy, John E. Riley, and Roosevelt, educate children in grades K through 4; the fifth and sixth graders are centrally located at Grant Elementary School. The South Plainfield Middle School houses grades 7 and 8 while South Plainfield High School encompasses grades 9-12. The faculty consists of approximately 350 teachers and specialists, assisted by teacher/duty aides in each building. Additionally, a pre-school housed at the Roosevelt Administration and Roosevelt Elementary School as well as a latchkey program that is held at each elementary school are offered.

Among recent initiatives are a new Five-Year Curriculum review cycle, revised English Language Arts and Math curriculums aligned to the Common Core, a balanced literacy approach to English Language Arts instruction, embedded research tasks K-12, updated resources, increased technology opportunities, including online assessment, expanded gifted and talented services that provide greater opportunities for students to participate, and additional Advanced Placement courses at the high school.

Additionally, the district has strengthened its technology infrastructure in order to ensure we can support a 21st Century and beyond education for our students. New technologies are being used to support a student-centered collaborative, creative, rigorous curriculum.

The district is also committed to promoting tolerance and understanding among its staff and students. Schools offer proactive approaches, activities and lessons that highlight the importance of promoting tolerance and acceptance of differences.

Finally, we believe parents as partners is crucial to the success of our students. Parent academies offer opportunities for parents to learn about new initiatives, curriculum, programs and provide an opportunity for parent input. Working with parents, the community and the educators in South Plainfield the schools are developing life-long learners who are prepared to enter the phases of life once they graduate.