Atlantic Highlands School District (25-0130)

Atlantic Highlands School District

Atlantic Highlands Elementary School District, the "Jewel of the Bayshore," provides an exceptional educational experience to all students by focusing on the development of the total child. Although we are a small single-school district, we provide an expansive range of programs and services tailored to the needs and abilities of our students. We offer a strong emphasis on academics with classroom instruction aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Additionally, Atlantic Highlands Elementary School District embraces the importance of the arts in developing strong individuals. Our full-time physical education instructor includes dance as part of our Physical Education curriculum. Our Vocal Music lab is the home of the Yamaha keyboarding program, which begins in kindergarten. We have recently also added a ukele program to be implemented throughout many of our grade levels. Our 5th and 6th grade band students perform in a variety of settings and provide our regional school, Henry Hudson, with a wealth of talented musicians. The art students of Atlantic Highlands Elementary have enjoyed considerable honors and recognitions for their creative efforts on local and international levels. Over the past years, AHES students have earned Silver, Bronze, and Pentel Awards from the prestigious Pentel International Children's Art Exhibition, a contest that draws thousands of participants from all over the world. Our students have also received top honors in the local and state divisions of the Lions Peace Poster and Arbor Day Poster contests. Our students also have opportunities to participate in other enrichment and community service activities such as Odyssey of the Mind, The Stock Market Game, and the National Elementary Honor Society.

Our commitment to the total child is evident in the broad range of programs for identified youngsters in special education and gifted and talented programs. Special education programs include resource centers, in-class supports, self-contained learning-disabled classes, and a preschool disabled program. The Gifted and Talented program serves youngsters in a variety of settings with an emphasis on academics (Reading and Math) and the Arts, in grades 4 through 6. An active Intervention and Referral Services Committee helps design program modifications for general education students experiencing difficulties in school. The Academic Support Instruction program affords many students the opportunity to improve their skills in Reading and Math. In addition, a substance awareness counselor is provided through the Tri-District Substance Awareness Program. The Atlantic Highlands Police Department also provides a LEADS officer to work with the students in 5th grade.

As part of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) initiative, our 5th and 6th grade students have classes in programming Lego NXT Robots. This is a collaborative effort that integrates science, math and technology. Students learn how to program the robots in technology class. They follow the scientific method for proving or disproving hypotheses. They also use math skills such as finding the circumference of a wheel and using proportions to determine the number of wheel rotations needed to go a specific distance. At the younger grades students begin their STEM experience with the Lego WEDO program which gives them the opportunity to learn basic programming. We are very excited for this opportunity to teach our students these 21st Century skills.

Atlantic Highlands Elementary School, Highlands Elementary School, and Henry Hudson Regional School comprise what is commonly referred to as the Tri-District. The Tri-District has always taken the opportunity to share services, personnel, and programs whenever possible. Continuing in the 2016-2017 school year Atlantic Highlands is sharing a Spanish teacher, Substance Abuse Counselor, Network Administrator, a Supervisor of Special Services, Child Study Team members, a Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, Business Administrator and Superintendent Services within the Tri-District. We will continue to strive to be fiscally responsible as we provide the best education possible for all of our children.