Colts Neck Township School District (25-0945)

Colts Neck Township School District

The Colts Neck Township Schools is founded upon a tradition and expectation for educational excellence. In addition to its exceptional academic and related arts programs, Colts Neck Township Schools strives to cultivate an environment designed to enhance the whole child through meaningful learning experiences. The significant accomplishments of our district are a tribute to a dedicated staff, a very active and involved Parent Teacher Organization, and a perceptive and committed Board of Education who together focus on the best interests of the children of Colts Neck.

We believe that all children can learn each day. It is our responsibility to discover each child’s talents, strengths, and areas for growth and to customize learning in a way that each child can achieve success and excellence. Individualized learning, differentiated instruction, and the principles of multiple intelligence theory are visibly found in our schools. Formative and summative assessments are used to inform our instruction and in the design of engaging learning opportunities. Children, staff, and parents working together help us to assure growth for all of our students.

Many qualities of an outstanding educational system cannot be measured but are a critical part of the educational experience. These include school culture, teacher enthusiasm, philanthropy, and parental and community involvement. The Colts Neck Township School District is proud of these components and consistently strives to maintain an environment where students are welcomed participants in learning.

Our students are challenged to use their many talents and abilities to the highest level. Our staff effectively implements a rigorous district curriculum. Learning activities are child-centered and designed to engage the children in creative thinking and problem solving. Students at all levels of achievement have instructional support tailored to their needs based on data collected. Our students are focused on learning and continually seek to challenge their abilities. Technology is infused into our daily practice to enhance student learning and in preparation for them to be contributors to their global society.

Please visit the district website at to learn more about our excellent district. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 732-946-0055, Ext. 4104.