The Deal School is a small school environment with approximately 165 students in a K-8 setting. It is governed by a five member board of education and the faculty are comprised of 22 staff members with various educational certificates and instructional endorsements. The Deal School has embraced a movement in education referred to as "STEAM", which encourages a cross curricular integration of technology in all subject areas, especially mathematics, art and science. Each child in grades 4-8 is equipped with a laptop computer to engage with instructional software, which focuses on conceptual learning. Further, students benefit from "cutting edge" technology as they utilize the multimedia workstations in our engineering laboratory, which allows them to participate in virtual field trips, design software for engineers and creative inquiry.

An intense shift toward teaching language arts has occurred with the School Wide Fundamentals Readers/Writers Workshop Model in grades K-8. This approach toward teaching reading and writing offers a research-based model that embraces 21st century learning to create a personalized learning experience for each child, regardless of background or proficiency. The various components of the reading program focus on the essential of literacy:phonemic awareness; phonics; oral language development; vocabulary instruction; reading comprehension; and fluency. Thematic writing is incorporated into each lesson, which allows students to apply newly learned vocabulary while articulating their enhanced schema. Utilizing rotating literacy centers allows for hands-on, project based learning, thus piquing activity engagement and student motivation.

Student engagement is essential to learning, especially when exploring the standards of mathematical practice. At Deal School we utilize the EnVision MATH program, which serves as a core program, emphasizing higher order thinking, critical and creative problem solving, as well as functional applications of skills and concepts in everyday experiences. Driven by cooperative learning with an emphasis on individual accountability, common goals and key concepts in math are introduced and achieved.

The Science and Social Studies programs implemented at the Deal School teach students to research, explore and synthesize information to form hypotheses. Invoking a project based approach to these important core subjects allows our instructors to support reading and writing at every turn; and further link the real world to the modern classroom. Thematically integrated science and social studies units of study are correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards and the New Jersey Core Content Standards. Various materials, field excursions, and technology based lab experiments are used to provide a unique learning experience for every child.

In addition, the Deal School offers a fabulous visual and performing arts learning experience for our children. The band concerts, school play and personalized instrumental music instruction complements the vocal music courses that are held daily. Our physical education and health program focuses on the well-being of every child. Students learn the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle, which incorporates exercise and lessons on nutrition. Deal School also offers a comprehensive, blended, world language program, which is introduced to our youngest learners in Kindergarten and continues through grade 8. The Rosetta Stone Language Program is used to introduce students to the Spanish language and classroom setting and is used to study the culture and people of Spanish-speaking regions. Fostering a respect for cultural diversity is routinely emphasized throughout instruction. Students learn key vocabulary and are encouraged to utilize their newfound language through greetings and requests in the classroom.

Deal School takes pride in the rigorous learning experiences that our children are afforded each day. Our intimate culture allows for personalized learning and lasting relationships to improve each every child’s learning.