Farmingdale Public School District (25-1490)

Farmingdale Public School District

Farmingdale District Narrative

The Farmingdale School District has been serving the academic needs of Farmingdale students since 1882 from its humble beginnings as a two-story wooden structure to the current brick additions voted and approved by the taxpayers of Farmingdale and completed in 1992.

Farmingdale Public School, a Pre-K to 8th grade district consisting of one class per grade level, is a community school. Students walk to school, enjoy playing on the playground afterschool and participate in a number of afterschool activities. The Farmingdale Public School has maintained a consistent record of providing a thorough and efficient education to all of its students.

The PTA organization combines energy and creativity to aid the district in its endeavor to provide educational programs, events and celebrations.

Since 2010, the Farmingdale School Viking Health Council has provided students with a variety of resources towards improving their overall fitness which include: Walk to School Wednesdays, Gym Rats (a monthly fitness night), an after school Cooking Club, and a Walking School Bus Program. Walk-to-School Wednesday programming includes a healthy snack table for walkers upon arrival as well as raffle ticket for a chance to win items such as pedometers, bowling passes, sporting accessories and other items to keep active. In addition, we continue to offer the Walking School Bus Program which offers walking routes to school supervised by school approved volunteers.

One of the greatest resources that we have in Farmingdale is the tremendous backing we have from our Farmingdale families and the community at large. A learning partnership exists among parents, faculty, staff and community members.

The Farmingdale Board of Education strives to implement policies and create school goals to ensure a safe environment and provide educational programs that meet the needs of all learners. The Farmingdale playground committee hosts a Community Fall Festival and each year the proceeds support new playground equipment.

Accurately identifying students’ needs enables us to design differentiated learning experiences for all students. Our district has implemented a reading workshop literacy initiative. Reading workshop is an instructional model that focuses on the strengths and needs of each individual reader. Teachers model reading behaviors and provide direct instruction on reading strategically.

Students are given time to read, an opportunity to choose their reading selections, and time to talk about books and strategies.

Our faculty, staff and parents are committed to providing a student-centered environment that promotes student voice and innovation, where all students can grow and learn.