Freehold Township School District (25-1660)

Freehold Township School District

The Freehold Township School District is a PreK-8 suburban district located in Western Monmouth County. During 2015-2016, the district enrolled approximately 3,900 students in our preschool, five elementary schools, and two middle schools. The Freehold Township Schools have an extended history of educational distinction. Our district is consistently rated outstanding, not only academically, but also for our music, art, and athletic programs. A dedicated staff, a supportive Parent-Teacher Organization, an active Education Foundation and a committed Board of Education all work together to create an excellent learning environment for our students.

Personalized learning with a goal of students being leaders of their own learning who are actively engaged and curious members of a global society is visibly evident in our schools. Technology is infused into our daily practice to support student learning. Each school has a Technology Integration Coordinator who supports teaching and learning by providing job embedded professional development. A one-to-one Chromebook initiative was implemented in grades three through eight. Grade levels also share iPads, as technology is truly viewed as an effective tool to enhance learning. For our efforts to use technology to foster personalized learning, our district, along with only nine others in the nation, was chosen to be part of the first Lexington Education Leadership Fellowship Award.

Freehold Township’s professional development program plays a significant role in the outstanding accomplishments of our district. One of the cornerstones of the program is the belief that the professional development of teachers is the key to an excellent instructional program. Monthly support meetings to assist the new teachers to our district were part of the 2015-2016 staff development program. Our staff also received training in district initiatives, particularly in the areas of personalized learning, technology integration and using data to drive instruction. Coaching for teachers is provided as an integral component of the district’s professional development plan. In addition, a variety of after school and summer workshop sessions were offered to teachers interested in further developing their teaching skills.

Our curriculum provides our students with an outstanding instructional program that results in high student achievement and agency. Curriculum development in the district is guided by the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (formerly CCSS), the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS), the Next Generation Science Standards, and research-based educational practices. All curriculum areas are reviewed and revised at least every five years. Committees of teachers and administrators research the best educational practices, review current curriculum and materials, align curriculum objectives, develop revisions, and develop plans for program implementation and evaluation.

Our district’s philosophy is that parents are our partners in their children’s education. Parents are welcomed into our schools on a daily basis to provide assistance and support in numerous ways. Our PTO’s are extremely active and, in addition to their generous support of our schools, annually organize a wide variety of evening, family-oriented activities and programs. Our Education Foundation has partnered with us to ensure every school has a STEAM Center/Makerspace to engage students in problem solving and collaboration through relevant and meaningful hands on activities, experiments and projects.

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