Holmdel Township School District (25-2230)

Holmdel Township School District

The School Report Card provides our community with comparative information that demonstrates how the high-quality work of our students, faculty and support staff continues to earn Holmdel a reputation for excellence.

The data in the School Report Card is representative of the strong academic foundation and high academic rigor of our kindergarten through grade twelve programs. Our students are well-prepared for post-secondary study and successful entry into the workforce. The narratives of the individual schools highlight our academic program, from the foundations of Literacy and Mathematics instilled in our youngest learners through the course offerings and exploration that hone the intellectual curiosities and skills of our adolescents as evidenced by the wide range of rigorous secondary course offerings including 21 AP courses.

As evidenced by this year’s achievements, accolades, and awards, our students are exceptionally well accomplished. Both students and faculty members receive frequent recognition for their talents, achievements and strong commitment to learning.

In addition to the core academic program, there are several areas in which the district goes far beyond that which is required by New Jersey standards and codes. One such area is Special Education where Holmdel is known for the exceptional Special Education services and programs it provides, including its highly regarded visually impaired program.

World Language is another program that exceeds standards. World Language instruction begins in grade one and continues through grade twelve. Spanish is studied by all students in first through sixth grade with courses in Mandarin, French, Italian, and Latin added as options in grade seven. A state of the art World Language Lab at the W.R. Satz/Holmdel High School complex allows our students the opportunity to acquire conversational skills that far exceed those of their peers in other school districts. Holmdel is equally proud of its arts programs, such as its instrumental music offerings which begin in third grade. Remarkably, more than 50 percent of all students in the district participate in at least one musical ensemble.

Holmdel students benefit from excellent facilities that support the development of the whole child. All of our elementary schools are fully equipped with science labs, computer labs, and exemplary libraries. Our secondary school facilities are exceptional, with an array of science labs, a state of the art theatre and wellness and athletic facilities that are far beyond those of most districts.

With a “Commitment to Excellence,” Holmdel continues to seek ways to enhance its programs. As such the district achieved the following goals during the 2015-2016 school year:

1. Athletics
Goal: Develop a strategic plan for the future growth of the district’s Athletics Program

2. 21st Century Learning
Goal: Leverage Chromebooks, Google Apps for Education and other digital devices and tools to make instruction meaningful for 21st century learners and purposefully relevant to the lives of our students.

3. Engineering and Technology Education
Goal: Identify opportunities to expand and/or develop student learning experiences in the STEM-relevant content areas of Engineering and Technology within the K-12 program

4. District Communications
Goal: Assess efforts related to communicating and developing positive relationships with all stakeholders as a means to improve public perception of the district and its schools.

The District is dedicated to providing quality instruction, programs, and services within a cost effective financial framework. For additional information regarding Holmdel Township Public Schools log on to the District website.