The Little Silver School District is a Pre-K – 8 suburban district located in Eastern Monmouth County. Of the two district schools, the Point Road School houses Pre-K through fourth grade, and the Markham Place School houses fifth through eighth grade with a combined student population of approximately 850 students. The district has an outstanding reputation that is a result of a number of factors. Our high quality staff works diligently to ensure that the curriculum reflects the rigor of the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Literacy, History/Social Studies, Science and Technical subjects, as well as Mathematics. The new national standards have been informed by the best available evidence and highest state standards across the country and globe, and are benchmarked to international standards to guarantee that our students are competitive in the emerging global marketplace.

In order to promote high student achievement, the district dedicates time and resources to provide comprehensive Professional Development opportunities to teachers. Little Silver’s Professional Development Institute offers teachers an array of professional development experiences including Tech Academy, 3-T Academy (Teachers Teaching Teachers), Video Viewing, Release Time, In-Service Days, Embedded PD, and Virtual Book Clubs. The various opportunities provide all teachers with opportunities to grow in their craft.

Little Silver’s supportive parent community and technologically-equipped facilities also contribute to high student achievement. The district has been implementing one-to-one technology, and we are now one-to-one in grades three through eight. Our K-2 students also have great access to technology. This technology is providing our students with opportunities to develop 21st Century Skills which will enable them to learn to collaborate with others and connect through technology. Our parents support the use of technology at home as well by monitoring the use of our district’s online resources.

The district prides itself on smaller class sizes. Our district goal is to promote high student achievement while addressing the needs of all learners. The community not only supports this goal, but continues to actively participate in the creation and implementation of the district’s Five-Year Strategic Plan.

The Little Silver School District has a rigorous hiring practice that a candidate must successfully complete before they are recommended to the Board of Education. This hiring practice, coupled with our staff’s commitment to lifelong learning and the academic success of every student, creates an outstanding community of educators.

The 2015-2016 school year also offered many opportunities for parents to become involved in our schools. As our partners in their children’s education, parents have volunteered their time to provide assistance and to support programs. Further, the administrative team and teaching staff offered opportunities to educate parents regarding district programs and initiatives. A variety of Parent Workshops regarding district programs were offered regarding: Common Core and PARCC; G&T identification – Bright Learners versus Gifted Learners; and Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying – Conflict versus Harassment.

Our PTO is very active and, in addition to their generous support of our schools, annually organizes a variety of family-oriented activities and programs for our school community.

Likewise, our Education Foundation is extremely active. On an annual basis, the Education Foundation provides funding for a wide array of technology for our schools. Both organizations work diligently to provide resources to our teachers and students that enhance 21st Century learning.