The Long Branch Public Schools provide children from preschool through the twelfth grade with a comprehensive academic curriculum, extra curricular programs and support services to address the needs and interests of every student. The preschool program offers a full-day, full-year program with customized wrap-around childcare services offered to all of our families. The preschool implements a developmentally appropriate school readiness academic curriculum.

The district ensures smooth transitions from preschool through the twelfth grade by means of vertical articulation through the grades, summer enrichment programs, and implementation of research-based, comprehensive academic programs based on best practices. Our continuous assessment component provides multiple data to diagnose and target instruction to students’ needs.

A six-week Summer Enrichment Camp is available for all students in preschool through eighth grade. This program includes activities that incorporate technology, the arts and physical activities in thematic units of study that also maintain the basic academic skills through the summer months. By combining targeted academic instruction with motivational activities such as field trips, field days, crafts, and assembly programs students enjoy a fun, active and cognitively challenging summer experience. To enhance the learning experience in Long Branch Public Schools, teachers and students have full access to technology not only in state-of-the-art media centers but also through wireless computer labs. Students in grades 5-10 have full access to laptop computers completely installed with educational software that supports the district language arts literacy and mathematics curricula. Students in grades 1-9 have access to Samsung Galaxy tablets to engage in technology offered by our academic programs as well as other supplemental online academic support the district has invested in such as Study Island and Achieve 3000: KidBiz and TeenBiz. SMARTBoard and IPOD technologies are also used in district classrooms to support 21st century learning.

Throughout the school year, students of the Long Branch Public Schools are encouraged to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Elementary through high school students have the opportunity to expand their academic skills by means of before- and after-school tutorial programs, computer assisted instruction, and subject area clubs. Enrichment experiences are available through the visual and performing arts, choir, band, cultural clubs, and participation in organized sports programs.

To ensure a safe learning environment, the district has been proactive in installing close-circuit cameras and electronic devices to screen entry in all schools. Furthermore, Safe School Environment staff members are employed to provide additional security oversight in every school. All buildings in the district have an automated external defibrillator and staff members trained in its use. Our Health Department and the School-Based Youth Services program offer medical screenings, counseling and support for students and families pre-school through twelfth grade. District collaboration with civic organizations and agencies increase the range of services provided for our school community.

Through various collaborations, the district provides on-going opportunities and support for aspiring teachers from New Jersey colleges and universities. Rutgers University and William Patterson University have been actively involved in the preschool and kindergarten program effectiveness assessment. These institutions of higher learning have also been involved in providing professional development programs for our staff.

The Long Branch Public School District offers a free breakfast program for all students. Collaborations that support our students’ health and welfare include Monmouth Medical Center, the Visiting Nurses Association, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation among many others.

Long Branch families are very interested and involved in their children’s education and the district encourages all parents to take an active role in the education of their children. Parents participate in organized support groups such as the Parent Teacher Association/ Organization in each building. Parent representatives are included in the membership of district-level advisory councils. With the supportive collaboration of the district, the parents and the community, our schools play a crucial role in the rewarding process of opening windows of opportunity for children every day.