In 2015-2016, the Marlboro Township Public School District continued to provide a challenging academic program to approximately 5,000 students in eight schools. The district consists of eight schools that serve Marlboro students. These eight schools consist of an early learning center, five elementary schools, and two middle schools.

Marlboro Township Public School District strongly embraces the concept of personalized learning. The district believes that personalized learning makes it possible to address the diverse needs of all students in pursuing individual paths towards becoming enthusiastic, empowered participants in a global society. To that end, the district strongly believes that there are several essential factors in personalizing learning for every student. Personalized learning begins with the right kind of person, otherwise called the “RKP.” The right kind of person is a teacher who embraces four key components. First, educators must understand the importance of utilizing data to drive instruction. No child is a number. EVERY child is an individual with wants, desires, and needs. It is the district’s responsibility to use specific data to help students make individual learning gains. Second, educators must employ small group instruction to meet students where they are academically. Every students requires a unique learning path. In order to properly address the individual needs of each student, small group instruction must be an embedded practice to address all levels of learners. The third component of personalized learning is a district commitment to using 21st century digital tools. The district believes that instructional technology is a vehicle by which personalized learning opportunities are made as effective and individualized as possible for all students. Finally, it is essential to involve students in their own learning. The district believes that successful learners set personal learning goals. Our learners recognize that goals help us seek challenges. They also recognize that demonstrating persistence, perseverance, and grit are essential in achieving goals. Our district believes that every student is an individual, and the individual needs of our students must be addressed.

Our district has demonstrated a strong commitment to 21st century learning. The Abbott Early Learning Center has ninety iPads for use by the pre kindergarten and kindergarten students. Our district has embraced a 1:1 Google tablet and chromebook initiative for grades 1-8.

Community support is demonstrated in myriad ways. It has made possible the continued success of the Marlboro Educational Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising funds for innovative and creative programs not covered in the general school budget. The district’s PTAs/PTOs enthusiastically support each school and its students by providing special assemblies and exciting events throughout the year. The district is enriched by their involvement and presence in our schools.

Research has demonstrated repeatedly that there is a direct relationship between parent involvement in schools and high student achievement. On behalf of the board of education and administration, I extend a "thank you" to our parents, who recognize the importance of this connection, and who have helped us earn a reputation as a school district of academic excellence.