Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District (25-3040)

Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District

The Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District serves a diverse population of approximately 3,800 students in our seven schools. The mission of the MatawanAberdeen Regional School District is to provide every child with the highest quality of instruction, curricula, and services; to treat every child with respect and dignity; to give every child the opportunity to learn and mature, to acquire a thirst for knowledge, to experience the satisfaction of accomplishment, and to anticipate becoming a productive member of a democratic society. To meet the needs and interests of all students, our schools provide a wide range of cocurricular activities and many opportunities for community service. Our schools are staffed with dedicated and highly qualified professionals who work closely with parents to ensure safe and caring environments.

The information provided in the School Report Card offers a snapshot of how our schools are performing in selected areas. While we are proud of the accomplishments of our schools and our students, as illustrated in the School Report Cards, we are also aware that the information provided only tells part of the story. The School Report Card does not consider areas of school performance such as music, art, and drama, nor does it address issues such as student and parent satisfaction. The only way to assess these qualitative factors is to become directly involved in your community's schools.

Although academics play an important part in the accomplishments of our students, academics is only a single component of the well-rounded individuals attending Matawan-Aberdeen Schools. We also celebrate their efforts in community involvement and service as well as their accomplishments in clubs and individual and team sports where district, conference, and state honors have been bestowed upon them. It is through the integration of these diverse areas that a Matawan-Aberdeen student move into the world well equipped to succeed outside the public school environment and continue their love of learning. To learn firsthand how our schools are performing, we encourage all residents to attend Board of Education meetings, become active in school related organizations, attend school sponsored events or arrange for a visit to any of our seven schools.