Millstone Township School District (25-3200)

Millstone Township School District

The Millstone Township Schools are located in a very special Town known for serenity, pastoral landscapes and a wonderful culture of good people and high expectations. When you pull back the curtain you find our three school buildings featuring a robust and growing Preschool all the way through a high performing 8th grade. District performance remains at extremely high levels with our 8th grade students competing with the highest scores in the state on any and all assessments. For example, our Middle School students partake in High School level math curriculum featuring full Algebra beginning for some in 7th grade as well as Honors level High School Geometry in 8th. To boot, for two years running, our students have achieved perfect passing rates in both 7th and 8th grade for PARCC Algebra and PARCC Geometry. Ranking 9th in the state in our math performance is a credit to our dynamic staff and wonderful parent community. I am proud to be both the Superintended of Schools as well as a resident, whose children benefited by the great school system. But don’t take my word for it; New Jersey Family Magazine ranks Millstone as the #1 School District in Monmouth County and 19th in the State. Further, Millstone Township was also ranked as the #1 Township in Monmouth County and #31 in the State for families! #Proud2BMillstone for sure!

To further demonstrate our commitment to student excitement about learning, our Middle School children partake in elective programs ranging from Hydroponics to Debate to Japanese Swordsmanship Cultures. They can participate in various Drama classes as well as 3D Art and CAD Design. It is a place where every child has the opportunity to find their niche and every teacher doing everything possible to help them find it. Our Elementary and Primary Schools not only work on strong foundational skills, but also promote STEM, high level problem solving and rich math instruction. Not to mention always focusing on character and developing strong minds and engaged citizens. Each school houses 3D printers, Science labs, and all I can say is some of the best STEM instruction around in the elementary grades. We have dedicated the resources and time to making sure our students understand design and perseverance.

Ultimately, Millstone Schools are the place to be and if you want to learn more just go to our website, or download our Mobile App.

#Proud2BMillstone (every day!)

Scott Feder
Superintendent of Schools