Welcome to Monmouth Beach School! Monmouth Beach School is located in the historic Borough of Monmouth Beach in northern Monmouth County with sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean as its eastern border. The only school in the district, Monmouth Beach School, serves pupils in preschool through eighth grade with an enrollment of approximately 250 students.

Our mission is to create lifelong leaders and contributors who will successfully meet the challenges of the 21st century. The goal of the school is to teach behaviors which help create and maintain a positive learning environment, to use teaching techniques which recognize that students have different learning styles and multiple intelligences, and to teach students to become independent thinkers and learners. Our students will all achieve the Common Core Content Standards as they strive to maintain a “Tradition of Excellence”. Quality education for all students is a constant objective.

The staff includes twenty-five, full-time and two part-time professional teachers, as well as ten instructional aides. Special area teachers provide instruction to students in art, music, library/media skills, Spanish, technology, health, and physical education. The administrative staff is comprised of a Principal/Superintendent of Schools, an Assistant Principal/Supervisor of Special Services, and an Interim Board Secretary/Business Administrator who is in place until at least the end of June 2017. The district also employs a part-time Child Study Team, including a part-time speech teacher, part-time occupational therapist, and guidance counselor.

The district's five-year curriculum cycle continues to review, develop, and implement curriculum that is aligned with the Common Core Curriculum Standards adopted by the State of New Jersey. Incorporated into the curriculum review process are ongoing textbook and material reviews. The strong academic program is implemented through self-contained classrooms beginning with a full day kindergarten program through the fourth grade. A semi-departmentalized program is in place for the fifth grade and a departmentalized program for our 6-8th graders. English Language Arts (ELA) is scheduled in longer blocks of time throughout the grades to permit a minimum of 84 minutes of uninterrupted instruction on a daily basis. In addition, flexible "blocks of time" permit longer periods of instruction in math and science for grades 6-8 and all subjects in grades K-5. Academic assistance through the use of classroom aides and an activity period are offered, as is an enrichment program for identified children. The activity period also provides additional instruction in areas such as: preparation for PARCC testing, remedial and enrichment activities, character education, careers, chorus, and music enrichment.

The School Report Card affirms the fact that Monmouth Beach School sets and achieves high academic goals. District test scores on standardized tests verify the students' achievement. The district also establishes its own goals to target improvement in specific areas.

Extracurricular activities in the Monmouth Beach School include band, chorus, Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, student Tech Club, and a school play. Additionally, MBS offers sports, such as cross-country, basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, and cheerleading. An after school homework club is also available three days each week in the school library.

As part of the district's technology program, all students in kindergarten through grade eight receive instruction in the technology lab to develop computer skills and how to apply those skills to their classwork. Students in grades 3-8 also utilize on-line resources such as MyOn and Study Island to supplement their daily lessons and curricular programs. The technology lab houses 24 HP networked computers, which are linked to color printers and the school network. The District also utilizes an. Four years ago, the District has made a significant investment in purchasing chrome book computers for use in grades 3-8. The school is currently at a 1:1 level with these devices for the students in grades 3-8 and has additional inventory to make these devices available for related arts use in music and in grades one and two as well. The school facility also includes a “state of the art” science lab and library/media center. The card catalog is on-line and accessible in each classroom and at home. In individual classrooms, teachers have the ability to utilize electronic “video-streaming.” A powerful resource, video-streaming permits immediate access to videos from the Monmouth County AVA Commission downloaded to the teacher’s computer and relayed to the classroom monitor or SmartBoard. In addition, the District began using the Real Time student information system during the fall of 2014. This administrative software has been put into service for attendance, grading, school report cards, health records and special services reports. The use of this program also enables our District to be consistent with the other Districts in our region as they are all using the same system.

Parents and community members are able to communicate directly to school employees, including teachers, through e-mail, and/or the telephone/voice mail system. The PTO-sponsored school sign, the district’s monthly newsletter, and the district’s webpage ( provide valuable school information for parents and community members. The very effective Honeywell Instant Alert System, purchased by the PTO, is available and utilized to deliver emergency information quickly to all families. Additionally, information about the district and its accomplishments are also shared via Twitter and Facebook by way of administrative posts.

Monmouth Beach School is proud of its active Parent Teacher Organization that sponsors many student enrichment activities and assembly programs. Community involvement is regularly encouraged at Board meetings, PTO meetings and other events where parents are invited to attend. Overall, there is an impressive level of support and involvement from the MBS families throughout the year.

At Monmouth Beach School, challenges are overcome and needs are met thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Board of Education, administration, teachers, parents, students, and community members. This includes a strong and close working relationship with the local police department to help ensure that a safe a secure environment is maintained on a daily basis. The result of all these efforts is a high quality education made available to students that will enable them to meet with academic success, and experience social and emotional growth needed to become leaders in the twenty-first century.