The Neptune Township School district educates approximately 4410 students.
There are approximately 469 faculty in the district, including teachers, guidance counselors, librarians, nurses, social workers, and administrators. Also working in the district are about 205 non-certificated employees in support service positions, such as paraprofessionals and custodians. There are five elementary schools, an early childhood center, a middle school, and a high school.

The Neptune Township School District is intensely focused on student achievement, with a common emphasis on the development of our students into citizens who are adept at accessing, evaluating, and managing the vast amounts of information that exists in today’s digital world. Our goal is to provide for our students opportunities for exploration of concepts, interacting with a variety of people, authentic problem-solving, and grappling with ideas which with they are not yet familiar. We believe that it is our responsibility to prepare students to contribute to society, participate in democracy, and strive to be the best at whatever they choose to do in life.

Curriculum goals in Neptune Township Schools include rigorous learning objectives and real-life experiences. Progress is measured by internal assessments and external New Jersey-mandated tests. Teachers are well-supported through in-district professional development activities. We continually review our students’ learning progress through internal and external measures as well as through the number of scholarships our students receive and graduation rates.

Maintaining a high level of parental involvement is an ongoing district priority. In addition to the many parent information sessions held at buildings, we have made great strides in utilizing the district website to provide information to our stakeholders.
The Neptune Township School District is committed to working collaboratively with parents to better support our students and their learning outcomes. All children can achieve in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. Educational decisions for each student must be based on the New Jersey Learning Standards to achieve academic excellence. Parents and community members are invited and encouraged to work closely with teachers and to become actively involved in their children’s education.

In addition to our instructional programs, we are also very proud of our district’s facilities. All schools throughout the district are relatively new or recently renovated and expanded. They are immaculately maintained, both inside and outside. The district’s facilities as well as its “green” and “sustainable” initiatives are recognized across the state. One elementary school has received Gold LEED certification, and was named a 2013 National Green Ribbon Schools. Additionally, one elementary school was awarded Platinum LEED and was designated as a 2012 National Green Ribbon School by the US Department of Education. Facilities include a performing arts center and an aquatic center. The district’s beautiful buildings are well-utilized not only by students and staff, but also by community organizations as well as professional groups and higher education institutions.

The primary mission of the Neptune Township School District is to prepare all students for learning and working in the real world. We accomplish our mission by establishing rigorous goals, providing high quality instruction and assessments within a supportive and nurturing environment, and partnering with parents.

The Neptune Township School District is proud of its emphasis on high academic achievement and strong citizenship. Students and families are encouraged to take advantage of the many varied experiences here. We believe that the students we serve today will become the leaders of tomorrow.