Township of Ocean School District (25-3810)

Township of Ocean School District

School Performance Report – Superintendent’s Message
Our district is pleased to provide the School Performance Report. Our schools strive to help all students achieve the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. Teachers are provided with the resources, professional training, and flexibility to meet the diverse needs of their students. Parents also need to be involved with their child’s education. It is clear to us that when children are motivated and supported at home, they can excel in school.
The School Performance Report is a tool that parents can use to understand a school’s progress in meeting academic needs of the students. These reports are available for each of the five schools in Ocean Township. They contain extensive information about each school’s performance. Each principal has provided specific information about unique programs and noteworthy achievements.
The hallmark of our schools is academic excellence. Our teachers recognize the diversity of student needs. The curriculum provides a developmentally appropriate and intellectually challenging educational experience for every student. Our classrooms are characterized by high expectations and the belief that all students can learn when they are taught well. Our teachers are professionals who understand that how students learn is as important as what they learn.
Our school district is striving to meet the needs of 21st century learners. With a focus on learning, our teachers address not only essential skills and knowledge, but also creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. Students use technology as a tool to solve problems, interpret data and evaluate information. Teachers use instructional technology to engage, motivate and challenge students at all grade levels.