Rumson Borough School District (25-4570)

Rumson Borough School District

The Borough of Rumson is a picturesque residential community of about 7,000 nestled along the Atlantic Ocean in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The Rumson School District serves just just over 900 students and is comprised of two schools. The Deane-Porter Elementary school serves students from Pre-Kindergarten to third grade and the Forrestdale Middle School serves students in grades four through eight. Students in grades 9 through 12 attend Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School , the Monmouth County Vocational School District, and various other private and parochial high schools.

Our goal is to set standards for student excellence which are rigorous and progressive and to instill in children the desire and grit to develop their abilities to the fullest. This goal is achieved under our district mission to “Ignite Potential” by growing, inspiring, and cultivating personal excellence academically, socially, and emotionally. In doing so, the district enjoys the full support of involved parents and a community committed to educational excellence. Together we provide a full range of academic opportunities in regular education, special education, and gifted education. We strive to focus on individual student needs and employ solid differentiated instructional strategies to build on student strengths. Students also participate in a wide range of extracurricular programs. Clubs, sports, and school events provide each student the opportunity to enhance academic, social, emotional and physical growth.

Our students achieve commendable results in this full, challenging program of instruction. Our standardized test scores reflect this achievement. In the Rumson School District, however, we are never satisfied with the accomplishments of the past, and we continually strive to create the best possible learning environment for all students in order to prepare them for the future. This includes broadening our expectation of success beyond test scores and to look at the social-emotional health of our school culture, the opportunity for the expression of individual and group talents, and the internalized appreciation of learning as an instrument to grow one’s potential.

The most important elements for establishing a successful school climate are a dedicated staff, a supportive community, and terrific students. We are proud to say that the Rumson School District is blessed with all three and that they continuously work together to elevate teaching and learning for success and preparation for the future of all students.

This Report Card contains statistical information about the outstanding achievements of our students. I urge you to visit our website, to learn more.