Tinton Falls School District (25-5185)

Tinton Falls School District

The Tinton Falls School District is committed to providing the best opportunities for its children. Our mission statement reads, “In a partnership with the community, the Tinton Falls School District will create effective programs which enable all students to achieve academic excellence, based on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, in order to become socially responsible, productive citizens and life-long learners.” To that end, the district has initiated a variety of programs to meet the ever-changing needs of our student population.

Strong partnerships exist with parents through a Parent Teacher Association (PTA), a Music Parents Association, and a Foundation for Excellence in Education. Each group has a strong connection to our schools, actively supporting the District’s Annual Goals and Objectives. Grants are awarded to both Principals and teachers, in each school, which target and support the growth of each student.

The Board of Education sets far-reaching goals and objectives each year. These goals include support for the continuation of the following:

-A Looping Program
-The use of Chromebooks, laptops, IPads and Interactive White Boards
-One-to-One technology in Grades 3-5 and two-to-one in Grades K-2.
-Electronic Overhead Projectors
-A rigorous curriculum in all content areas
-Distance Learning
-Teaming options in Grade 5
-Advanced courses at the Middle School level.

These innovative programs have led to several Best Practice Awards from the State of New Jersey to the Swimming River Elementary School and the Mahala F. Atchison Elementary School. Mahala F. Atchison School and Tinton Falls Middle School are both designated as Governor’s Schools of Excellence. One of our schools has been designated as “Emerging” and two have been designated “Honorable Mention” by the NJ Alliance for Social, Emotional, and Character Education which indicates “a very strong commitment to Character Education.”

Additionally the Board of Education and the community have provided the support for the advancement of the following:

-The implementation of Professional Learning Communities.
-A Parent Portal which provides up-to-date access regarding each student’s progress.
-A District Website which provides current and accurate information to parents and the community as a whole.
-District Data Teams
-On-line Parent-Teacher Conference Scheduling
-Wi-Fi in each school
-Teacher Leaders through district and school-level committees
-Teacher Academy Learning delivered by Master Teachers

The Tinton Falls School District is proud of its achievements. We continue to look forward to serving the students of Tinton Falls by striving to build upon previous successes and by continuing to develop innovative educational methods and programs.