Union Beach Public School District (25-5230)

Union Beach Public School District

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members:
Memorial School in Union Beach is a very special place. We have established a close-knit educational environment in which all parents and community members take great pride in the achievements of their children. Our Pre-K through 8th grade environment is a collection of various personalities, perspectives and ambitions. No voice goes unheard, no child is ever overlooked.
The Union Beach mantra is, “Education is lifelong” and we invest in this notion from the moment a young person enters our hallways. We sincerely believe that with hard work and commitment to task, everything is possible and we encourage each and every member of the Memorial School family to embrace this idea. The students at Memorial School engage in hands-on, active learning with continuous student/teacher interaction an identified priority. Learning and thinking do not end when a child goes home for the day.
Students are provided with elective classes in art, Spanish, music, technology literacy, computers, media, and physical education. In the upper grades the students have the opportunity to participate in co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities such as safety patrol, newspaper club, audio visual club, student council, chorus, band, athletics, cheerleading and drama. Every classroom has internet accessibility and we continue to utilize the multiple computer labs to implement multi-media projects. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard and a document camera. We have many iPads and this academic year, 2016-17, every student in the middle school (grades 6-8) will be given a Google Chrome book. Our Gifted & Talented program serves qualified students via advanced technologies and innovative problem-solving strategies. Additionally, activity periods are taking the place of previously unstructured recess for our middle school students and elective courses have been added to provide a student with multiple options. Innovative curricular programs have been implemented for students at all grade levels and curriculum-across-the-disciplines has been aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Last year, in a school of just under 600 students, only three families opted to not have their children participate in the PARCC exams.
Through an expansive professional development initiative, our faculty continues to be trained in various strategies and instructional techniques as we honor our tangible commitment to address the diverse academic needs of all students. The teachers and administration have embraced the goals of NJ ACHIEVE and adopted the Charlotte-Danielson Frameworks for Teaching model.
This past spring we initiated our own chapter of the National Junior Honor Society; updated a number of curricula including Science K-8, Spanish, and writing; we added a number of elective classes including novel studies, math lab, crochet, Readers Theater and we hired a Spanish teacher for K-3.
The 8th grade students went on their first overnight trip to Washington DC in the spring of 2016 and six of our athletic teams won championships with two squads going undefeated. We partnered with Nike to complete the restoration of our baseball and softball fields, adding dugouts, leveling off the playing areas and rebuilding a catch-basin. Additionally, we wrote a successful grant to the Union Beach Educational Foundation and will field our initial wrestling team this winter.
In Special Education, we completely renovated the Life Skills classroom, expanded our “Read to Dogs” program, and remodeled the Child Study Team area to optimize a safe learning area for this distinctive population. All resource room students have chrome books and/or iPads.
We are proud of our many accomplishments, but we are proudest of our students, faculty, and the stakeholders of the Memorial School community. Our focus continues to reflect the vision set forth by the Board of Education and superintendent of schools and by doing so, we continue our ongoing investment in the young minds of Union Beach.