Wall Township Public School District (25-5420)

Wall Township Public School District

Wall Township is a well-established suburban community in southern Monmouth County with a population of over 26,000 residents. The Township has been in existence since 1851. The school district educates approximately 3,650 students in a PK-12 environment which includes a primary school, four elementary schools, an intermediate school, and a high school.

Wall Township Public Schools is a partnership of committed staff, dedicated learners, and supportive community members. Our mission is to provide meaningful educational experiences and opportunities, thereby preparing all students to become productive citizens, informed decision-makers, and life-long learners in a diverse and evolving society.

The Board of Education and the administration of WTPS is committed to providing the students in Wall Township with the highest quality of education possible so that they will be prepared to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century. Toward that end, the district administration has established, and the Board of Education has supported, the following goals for 2016-2017:

Student Achievement
Improve the ways in which the needs of all students are met through a more clearly defined I&RS and RTI program which will address academic needs as well as the social and emotional needs of students who are at-risk, those who have Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), and those who should receive additional challenge through enrichment, Gifted and Talented, advanced or honors level courses.

Curriculum and Instruction
Analyze the existing instructional program through a comprehensive Program Evaluation schedule that will begin in the 2016-2017 school year. Program Evaluations are the basis and catalyst for curriculum renewal. They provide a mechanism for the leadership and stakeholders of the district to critically review the existing curriculum in a systematic and collaborative manner and make informed decisions regarding its effectiveness. The district currently has a Five Year Curriculum Renewal Plan that is ending in the 2016-2017 school year.

Culture and Public Relations
Promote a culture that embraces an education that begins and ends in WTPS and garners community support for improvements that will require additional funding.

Finance and Facilities
Demonstrate and communicate the fiscal accountability and transparency of district finances by making more information available for public access, as well as ensuring that non-resident students are accountable for their tuition. Update the district's Long Range Facilities Plan, including but not limited to housing for our student transportation department, athletic facilities, and building mechanical systems.

Ensure that the highest quality employees are hired in WTPS, and that they are provided with feedback that leads to continued improvement, they receive appropriate and meaningful professional development, and personnel policies are followed by all administrators and staff members.

Improve communication with parents, especially in the areas of curriculum and instruction, social and emotional development, special education, and opportunities for students. Opportunities for students include, but are not limited to: Option II, Enrichment and Gifted and Talented programs, supplemental instruction for ELLs transition programs, and summer learning opportunities.

On a daily basis, our intent is to make the nature of instruction student-centered and project based, leveraging available technology to make learning accessible and challenging for the full spectrum of students while simultaneously infusing rigor and relevance throughout the curriculum. The district also recognizes the need for balance and is committed to educating the whole child. Character traits such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship are taught explicitly and implicitly through daily interactions with staff. Students are taught to apply these traits to actions in daily life. Additionally, the district offers a plethora of curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities that allow students to explore their vocations and avocations.

Please take time to read the school narratives on the Performance Reports to learn more about the opportunities at each level of the curriculum and at each school. Also, please visit the district website at www.wall.k12.nj.us to learn more about the districts’ accomplishments and the many educational opportunities available to our students.