West Long Branch School District (25-5640)

West Long Branch School District

2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR

West Long Branch School District encompasses grades PreK through 8 in two buildings; Betty McElmon Elementary School (PreK-4) and Frank Antonides School (5-8). As of the 2015-2016 school year, 579 students were enrolled in the district. West Long Branch School District strives to meet the specific needs of every student. We hope to inspire all students to develop into creative, confident, independent, and successful students committed to lifelong learning, and able to interact as responsible and productive members of society. Students will be exposed to and achieve Common Core Standards, and are regularly assessed on how well they are achieving these standards. West Long Branch School District encourages and supports students to extend their learning beyond state mandates without sacrificing rigor or relevance.

At the core of our district's philosophy is the concept that students come first and foremost. Students should be the primary recipients of all of our resources. West Long Branch School District values the student-teacher relationship; and as such, we believe wholeheartedly that relationships form the foundation for learning and that no significant learning can take place without a significant relationship. It is relationships, not programs that change students and make successful schools. A great program simply creates the environment for healthy relationships to form between staff and students. Students of all ages thrive when adults care about them on a one-to-one level, and when they also have a sense of belonging to a caring community like ours.

Our vision for the West Long Branch School District is to produce socially responsible students who are lifelong learners equipped with the necessary skills to succeed at the next level of secondary education. Our mission for the West Long Branch School District is to put students first! In collaboration with all stakeholders, we will provide a safe and secure learning environment free from bias, increased academic rigor, cutting edge technology and state-of-the -art facilities.

“Students First”