Boonton Township School District (27-0460-060)

Rockaway Valley School

Rockaway Valley School prides itself on offering a challenging curriculum while addressing the needs of all students. Major curricula areas are consistently reviewed and revised to meet or exceed the Common Core State Standards. Academically, our students are among the top performers in both the region and the State. In fact, Rockaway Valley School has been recognized for its overall achievement for elementary and middle schools. We also excel in the area of co-curricular activities. Many of our sports teams have advanced to the final levels of competition and some have come in first place. Our community members have seen and heard the vast array of talents our students display in musical and theatrical presentations.

Our students are actively involved in a wide range of school activities: Battle of the Books, Student Council, Student Voice Team, Broadcast Club, Podcasting, Forensics, Chorus, Band, Junior Solar Sprints, Geography Bee, Athletics, Visual and Performing Arts and theatrical productions. A hands-on approach to education, along with authentic and practical assessments, brings learning to life. Additionally, we have been involved in several philanthropic efforts including fundraisers for local charities like the Interfaith Food Pantry, the Donnie Farrell Scholarship Fund, various environmental endeavors and providing for needy families. The school’s Green Team remains very active and continues to use of our school garden as a source of sustenance for our local community.

Infusing technology into the curriculum has been a proud accomplishment for Rockaway Valley School. Our district remains at the forefront in using technology to enhance instruction. Each of our classrooms has wireless access to the Internet as well as a SMARTBoard and peripherals for interactive learning. Teachers and students utilize classroom laptops to support daily instruction. In addition to computer lab classrooms, we have 10 wireless mobile labs and two iPad carts that facilitate teacher pedagogy along with a new STEAM lab that provides students with an authentic venue for interactive learning. Our school is also equipped with interactive and distance learning capabilities and uses such on-line applications as Study Island to enrich the curriculum. Our staff continually explores software applications and programs to address delivery of instruction, and explore cutting-edge technology.

Our students’ social and emotional growth continues to be one of our primary goals. We continue to address the diverse needs of our student population through inclusive programming such as daily FLEx (Falcon Leadership Excellence) time, which promotes a positive school culture and climate and character education. Many initiatives supported by the Boonton Township Municipal Alliance Committee help to sustain the principles of positive discipline that are practiced at RVS.

The Home and School Association provides grants for teachers and has numerous special committees that support both school-wide initiatives and grade-specific activities. Parents also run the school lunch program on a voluntary basis. The Cultural Arts Committee, in collaboration with the administration, provides fine and performing arts enrichment programs for students. The Boonton Township Education Foundation provides grants for teacher initiatives, a Grade 5-8 theatrical performance, as well as multiple after-school courses for all students. The selection of after-school courses includes cooking, cartooning, crafts, woodworking, fun science, games and sports skills. The Rockaway Valley School family believes that the success of our students depends on a strong partnership between our schools, parents, and the community. Therefore, we encourage parents to become active in their children's education.