Butler Public School District (27-0630)

Butler Public School District

The Butler Public School District takes great pride in its commitment to provide a vibrant and safe learning environment for all of our students, enrolled in our grades, “Pre K” through twelve. The district’s curriculum provides a broad range of instruction in accordance with the N.J. Department of Education’s New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS). Additionally, students have a wide range of choices regarding participation in a variety of athletic and extracurricular activities. Our programs are based on principles that provide opportunities for all students to develop character and leadership skills, while becoming responsible citizens who engage in meaningful community service activities. Butler High School has been recognized as one of the “Top 100 High Schools in New Jersey” by the New Jersey Monthly magazine, and the school appeared on that magazine’s list of New Jerseys “Most Improved High Schools”.

The school district’s Student Improvement Panels continue to provide support and training for both our novice and veteran teachers. In addition to providing mentor training, the district, each school year, offers several school and district-wide teacher training programs. As part of this schedule, our teaching staff, both regular education and special education, grades Pre-K through 12, will complete teacher training in Differentiated Instruction, Curriculum Development, Technology and Standards Based Math Instruction.

Annually, our administration and faculty engage in the analysis and review of district standardized testing results, and in reviewing district curriculum at all schools. This planned and coordinated activity ensures alignment between the NJSLS, our district curriculum and the many state and national standardized tests which our students experience. The purpose of these analysis and review activities is to improve our students’ performance and achievement levels on these state and national assessments. We are proud that our test results at all of our schools typically indicate that we have made progress and we realize that consistent, concentrated district improvement efforts are needed if we are to extend levels of student performance and achievement.

The use of technology by teachers and administrators continues to expand. In addition to the administrative uses for communication, budgeting and student record-keeping, teachers continue to explore innovative ways to include technology in their lessons. Students develop proficiencies in age-appropriate software applications at both Richard Butler Middle School and Aaron Decker Elementary School. Richard Butler School is this year, in conjunction with grade 4 students at Aaron Decker School, engaged in a “1 to 1” Google Chromebook initiative. The district’s web site continues to offer vital information about the school district for students, parents and community residents. We have upgraded our telephone system to VOIP and we also use the upgraded network to improve upon building safety levels by using security cameras and other safety measures, such as electronic locking doors.

The school district and the Borough of Butler are currently involved in several Shared Service agreements, involving field maintenance and the use of a field storage facility. The district also engages in several Shared Service agreements with the Bloomingdale school district, beyond the send-receive high school experience, including sharing of school Library oversight, Special Education and sharing the services of the Student Assistance Counselor.

The Butler Public School District is fortunate to have a dedicated, committed group of teachers, administrators and support staff members. Our faculty and staff members continue to focus upon meeting the diverse needs of our students. Our faculty, staff and administration give selflessly of their time and energies to maintain high levels of student achievement and are committed to making sure the educational needs of the students and the operational needs of our district are well met.


Mario D. Cardinale
Interim Superintendent/Director of Special education
Butler P.S. District