Caring, Community, and Commitment in the Chester School District

The Chester School District is a place in which the entire community is committed to caring for and supporting our children on the path to academic and personal excellence and astounding achievement. Comprised of approximately 1,100 students, we have three schools as follows: Dickerson Elementary School (K – 2), Bragg Intermediate School (3 – 5), and Black River Middle School (6 – 8.) Students in grades nine through twelve attend West Morris Mendham High School.

Dedicated to meeting the academic and social/emotional needs of each student, our curricula are truly the foundation upon which we build the learning experiences of our children. All curricula in our district is written with a particular emphasis on individualized instruction and personal growth and in keeping with the 2016 New Jersey Student Learning Standards. This can be seen in our language arts curriculum with our focus on balanced literacy through guided reading groups and literature circles which engages our students in producing authentic and meaningful written expression from grades K - 8.

Our math curriculum, Pathways to Algebra, has at its core, the completion of algebra by the end of the eighth grade complete with differentiated classes from grades four to eight to serve as support for our students on this journey. With a strong technology component, our program allows students to incorporate math into their home lives, as easily as they do in school lives. Naturally, it follows, that in the content areas of science and social studies, we also subscribe to the tenets of writing curricula that will lead our students to make real world connections that contribute to our school community and our larger world. Moreover, foreign language, technology, art, music, and physical education curricula are always being reviewed to ensure that we incorporate pertinent new developments in educational research into our programs, providing our students with the highest possible quality of instruction in the arts and athletics.

In addition, our teachers always seek to teach our students with the most current and research based instructional and assessment strategies available. They embrace professional development as a means for enhancing their own professional practice to the betterment of the students they regard so highly. This can be seen in the district’s Professional Development Council that is comprised of nearly thirty teachers that voluntarily meet to assess the needs of the district on a regular basis to develop programs that are directly targeted to increase student achievement, as well as their social/emotional growth and development.

Much of the district’s commitment comes from our supportive community and can be seen in the work of our Chester PTO and our Educational Foundation of the Chesters. These organizations work diligently to enhance the educational programs and the enrichment opportunities afforded our children. Many of the most successful extra-curricular opportunities given our students in the arts and athletics come directly out of the work of our PTO and Educational Foundation. They are comprised of many dynamic individuals who evidence our motto on a daily basis - Community, Caring and Commitment for the good of our children.

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