Denville Township K-8 School District (27-1090)

Denville Township K-8 School District

The Denville Township Public Schools is a pre-K-8 district with an enrollment of 1,651 students. Our district is served by a seven-member Board of Education. Denville encompasses 12.1 square miles and is home to two elementary schools, one middle school and sends students in grades 9-12 to Morris Knolls High School. We have approximately 320 caring and supportive staff members who strive for one common goal; Student Success.

Denville’s schools provide students with the five research-proven characteristics of effective schools:
• A safe and orderly environment.
• A clear and focused mission.
• Principals, who serve as instructional leaders.
• Central office staff who support the principals in their mission.
• Parents, who are partners in school activities.

Our students come to us with a strong desire to learn and an understanding that their achievement is the primary intent of the work of the adults around them. Our focus is preparing our students to successfully function in a global economy.

All connected with the district are inspired by our Mission Statement, which reflects inclusive principles and a strong community spirit, “The Denville mission is to engage, challenge and empower life-long learners in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, where all students have the opportunity to become productive, knowledgeable and responsible citizens in a global society”.

This year the district is focused on continuing to make progress on Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Career (PARCC) computerized testing. Staff development for grades K-5 is being continued in Reader’s/Writer’s Workshop and extensive staff development is occurring at all grade levels to further integrate technology, formulate Student Growth Objectives for each teacher and develop the skills associated with increased data analysis. 2016-17 will also be the start of the district one to one Chromebook initiative at Valleyview Middle School. All students in grade six will be issued a Chromebook for use in school and at home. We are very excited about the using Google Apps for Education on a daily basis.

The residents of Denville strongly value education and willingly share in the responsibility by supporting our school programs. We are proud that our community partners, spearheaded by the work of our parent organizations and The Foundation of Denville, which continues to support technology enhancements. They represent the best of public engagement in public education. We are also proud of the relationships we have developed with the Denville Township government, Morris Hills Regional and the other sending districts.