East Hanover Township School District (27-1190)

East Hanover Township School District

The East Hanover Township Public School district is a student-centered learning community that provides comprehensive programming to prepare all of East Hanover's students with the skills necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century. We are very proud of the accomplishments of our students and we credit their continued success to the dedication and collaboration between home and school.

Our diversified curriculum incorporates the expectation that all students achieve or exceed the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) at all grade levels. All curricula continues to be reviewed and revised to provide for a rigorous course of study at all instructional levels.

Professional development opportunities that focus on implementing the NJSLS, integrating technology, differentiating instruction, and promoting positive school climate and culture, among other related areas, continue to provide faculty with an increasing bank of research-based instructional techniques and strategies with which to support student achievement.

The East Hanover Township School District continues to provide a comprehensive balanced literacy program for all students. Early intervention and targeted support for reading and mathematics instruction at the primary grade levels provides the foundation for academic success at later grade levels. The district is very proud of its integrated preschool program and its new full day kindergarten program.

Providing for the diverse needs of all learners is critical. We continue to improve classroom intervention strategies through our Intervention and Referral Services Committee. The district's comprehensive inclusion program provides students with special needs a full range of personnel, program and placement options including access to the general curriculum. The program options provide each student the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential in the least restrictive environment.

As part of the District’s ongoing goal to increase student achievement and equip students with the necessary skills to meet and overcome the challenges of the 21st century, a one to one Chromebook initiative has been implemented in the Middle School and additional devices continue to be infused into the programs at Frank J Smith and Central School. This digital conversion is focused on providing meaningful, productive, and engaging opportunities for students to accomplish tasks, solve problems, be creative, and work collaboratively.

The East Hanover Township School District is proud to provide an array of high-quality academic, arts-related, athletic and recreational after-school program opportunities for all children in grades K-8. These programs are developed to extend opportunities for children to explore new activities in a safe, engaging environment.

The safety of our students and staff is of paramount importance. We continue to examine district safety and security plans and adopt policies which improve the security in all facilities. School buildings have recently received upgraded doors and security cameras. District faculty work closely with community emergency service departments on communication, emergency response plans, and security upgrades. Our Alert System effectively expedites informing parents about emergency school closings, delayed openings, and other special events. Additionally, local law enforcement have the ability to access live school surveillance feeds in the case of an emergency.

Keeping parents and other critical stakeholders informed is another essential element in maintaining support for our schools. Our district website provides continually improving levels of information regarding school and district programs, events and news. District and building administrators generate school-based newsletters and other forms of electronic and print communications. Various forums including, but not limited to, Board of Education, PTA, School Based Planning Teams, Coffee and Conversation with the Superintendent, and other meetings provide many opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue.

The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a wonderful organization and a crucial part of the school community. They plan special events, provide cultural arts experiences, offer an organized venue for parents to have direct feedback into the academic and social programs that are offered, provide endless support, and so much more.

We continue to work collaboratively for the benefit of all students. Engagement, Innovation, and a true sense of pride in the East Hanover Township School District help promote a culture of excellence where our children are always first!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me as I always enjoy discussing the wonderful programs that East Hanover has to offer.