Florham Park Public School district will achieve the highest level of proficiency in the Department of Education’s Core Curriculum Content Standards by identifying and applying the most effective instructional strategies.

Students who leave Florham Park School District will….
Perform in an educational school environment that makes them attractive to colleges, universities, and technical schools.
Be provided with skills that prepare them for their high school career.
Be committed life-long learners.
Be active contributing members of the community.
Develop confidence that fosters responsible, independent, critical thinking.

The Florham Park Board of Education adopts district-wide goals and performance measures to reflect that our highest priority is given to student achievement. The District Goals for the 2016-2017 Academic Year focus on: creating a unified approach for English Language Arts, improving our special education department, to prepare students for 21st century learning, and use technology to individualize and personalize learning.

The district’s expectation is to continue its commitment to achieve academic excellence within a sound fiscal strategy. Florham Park School district has a team of dedicated teachers, supportive parents, committed Board of Education members and administrators who are all working cooperatively to maximize student opportunities.

Thank you for your continued support of the Florham Park Public Schools.