Harding Township School District (27-2010)

Harding Township School District

Harding Township students receive instruction in a full range of academic subjects, the arts, and developmental activities. Offerings include English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, world languages (Spanish, French, Mandarin), physical education, health, music, technology and art. Our students achieve commendable results in this full, challenging program of instruction. A comprehensive website (http://www.hardingtwp.org) and the use of individual staff web pages facilitate close communication between home and school and between school and the broader community.

Central to our success is the active involvement of the many volunteers who contribute their services to our school. Through organizations such as the Harding Township Parent Teacher Organization, Harding Township Educational Foundation, and Harding Township Recreation Association, our students receive a rich variety of special programs, projects, and activities, including valuable cultural experiences and technology upgrades. Other community members participate in planning and development activities through our Vision Council, Facility Planning Committee, and Special Education Parents Group.

Our goal is to set standards for student excellence that are rigorous and instill in our children the desire to develop their abilities to the fullest. The learning community reflects the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs of our children at their various stages of development.

We are very proud of our school/parent/community partnership and the success we have had in creating lifelong learning and celebrating educational excellence.