Mine Hill Township School District (27-3240)

Mine Hill Township School District

Mine Hill Township School District – Canfield Avenue School
The Mine Hill Township School District consists of one elementary school, Canfield Avenue School, which services approximately 350 students in grades Pre-K through 6. Located in northern Morris County, Canfield Avenue School continues to operate in the Interdistrict Public School Choice Program. Through this program, students who reside outside of Mine Hill are able to take full advantage of the programs offered at Canfield Avenue School.
A constantly evolving 21st century requires purposeful reflection and adaptation by the administration and faculty with a united vision toward continuous improvement. It is our priority at Canfield Avenue School to maintain a safe, secure, yet inviting school environment that allows students the opportunity to take academic risks in pursuit of their highest individual potentials. The success of the students in our school is dependent on the concerted efforts of the faculty, support staff, students, parents, and the community. The faculty and support staff at CAS are caring, dedicated, hard-working, and committed to giving students the best possible educational experience.
The instructional programs at Canfield Avenue School are aligned to the common core state standards, NJ student learning standards, the core curriculum content standards, and the next generation science standards. Assessment occurs daily through a variety of means and students are constantly challenged to collaborate, communicate and create during their learning experiences.
Through fiscally responsible decision making, we are proud to offer students access to instructional technology in a variety of ways. All of our classrooms use interactive smartboards and projectors. Additionally, students have access 240 chromebooks, more than 50 desktop computers, and at least two student computers in every classroom. Furthermore, most classrooms regularly use document cameras, ipads, camcorders, or smart tables to extend students’ educational experiences. Recently, the school began creating a makerspace where students will utilize two 3D printers and interactive electronic modules called littlebits to enhance STEM education. The school currently has four workshop sets of littlebits and is aimed at expanding the program to create a makerspace in the media center. Finally, our technology program is expanding to include EZ robots. Currently the school is piloting using 2 JD humanoid and 1 Rover robots. Students are actively engaged in assembling and programming the robots as part of their educational experience.
As an extension of the curriculum and educational programs, students at Canfield Avenue School also have access to after school clubs including: bridge building, ecology club, lego club, magic club, crafts clubs, sports club, Spanish club, art club, games club, circus club, and cooking club. These clubs and activities expose students to enrichment activities that take the learning beyond the walls of the classroom. Finally, through the generosity of the PTA and Mine Hill Educational foundation, students are exposed to assemblies and programs that also enhance learning.
The town Recreation department allows Mine Hill residents to participate in a variety of athletic experiences including basketball, soccer, and baseball, as well as Junior Knights football and cheer-leading.