Montville Township School District (27-3340)

Montville Township School District

The Montville Township Public Schools, located in Morris County, serves approximately 3,800 students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through grade twelve. Our District’s Mission states:

“The Montville Township Community values education at the highest level. Our mission is to guarantee exceptional education for our students by maximizing individual potential and fostering a lifelong commitment to learning though a strong partnership of educators, families and community.”

The superintendent, central office staff, and the Board of Education meet at an annual retreat to establish district goals. These goals represent a focus on facilities, finances, world language, and student enrollment. All of our goals are supported by an action plan which outlines a timeline, indicators of success, and expected results.

These goals include:

1) Referendum – Determine the need for the district to conduct a referendum election to obtain funding for facilities projects. If a referendum is necessary, develop an action plan to help ensure its passage by the voters of Montville Township.
2) Special Education Costs - Conduct an evaluation/audit of district special education services to obtain an analysis of the scope and efficiency of programs and operations with the objective of developing strategies to provide some cost containment in this area while still meeting the identified needs of the students.
3) World Language – Continue district efforts to expand upon the work of the World Language Task Force in 2014-2015 to develop and enhance world language instruction across all grade levels.
4) Demographic Study Analysis – Review and analyze the 2016 District Demographic Study and develop plans to effectively address any forecast changes in enrollment and to support the continuation of our comprehensive programs at the middle and high school levels.

The Montville Township Public School District places teacher effectiveness at the core of its work. Providing effective professional development for all staff is a key component of our schools. Children are at the center of our work, and we are fortunate to receive extraordinary community support through a variety of parent and community organizations.

Students graduating from the Montville Township Public Schools are prepared to attend the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities, as well as pursue careers in technical or other fields of their choice.

The Board of Education and Central Office Administration are very proud of our students, faculty, and staff and look forward to even greater success in the years ahead.