Mount Arlington Public School District (27-3410)

Mount Arlington Public School District

The 2015-2016 school year opened with staff development in the areas of Technology, Traumatic Loss, Team Building, Use of Chromebooks in the Classroom, Google Apps for Education Student Growth Objectives, and the Circle Way. The impetus of this work was to insure that teachers and administration were abreast of current trends in education and use of technology. Summer curriculum work and goals for the school year were developed to support the expectations set forth by these initiatives. The efforts of staff and students continued throughout the year in enhancing a school community focused on meaningful and fulfilling ways to extend learning beyond the classroom. Instructional plans were revised to reflect changes in practice and philosophy. The year progressed with district-wide initiatives including: the ongoing revision of curriculum maps and lesson maps, along with annual updates to enhance teaching and learning.

As always, the school year offered numerous and varied learning experiences for our students. The multi-year curriculum initiative was supported by the purchase of equipment to include SmartBoard technology at both the Edith M. Decker and Mount Arlington schools. Educational reporting to parents was further enhanced with changes to our district website at the elementary/middle school levels, the expanded use of the Parent Portal notifications through the central/superintendent’s office and the installation of a new phone/voicemail system. Technology training was provided for students and teachers with a focus on keyboarding and coding. These upgrades and initiatives resulted in higher levels of achievement for students and higher levels of performance on State mandated Standardized Tests in numerous areas.

The P.T.A. supports all school programs including Technological advancements and Cultural Arts programs at all grade levels. The Mount Arlington Police Department provides our students with a L.E.A.D., Law Enforcement Against Drugs program, which encourages healthy life practices and anti-drug and anti-bullying awareness information.

We have continued our efforts in the area of facilities management through a process of annual review and the development of a maintenance plan for painting and general repairs and a long-range plan for the improvement of our facilities. This plan has enabled our school custodians to better manage their time and to make certain that repair and maintenance projects are completed in a timely and expedient manner. The custodial/maintenance department handles many projects in-house rather than outsourcing. We are most pleased with and are appreciative of the fine efforts put forth by all stakeholders in our schools.

As we are committed to insuring that our students are able to learn in a healthy and safe school environment that is aligned with State Standards, we are encouraged by the support of community groups such as; the Borough of Mount Arlington, Department of Public Works, Police, Fire and Ambulance Departments, our P.T.A., and the Health and Wellness Committees. Coupled with our annual student learning objectives, long-range plans are developed in order to ensure continued learning for students and staff. All plans are approved by the State of New Jersey prior to full implementation.