Mountain Lakes Public School District (27-3460-050)

Mountain Lakes High School

Mountain Lakes High School is a 9th through 12th grade school which serves the communities of Mountain Lakes and Boonton Township. The school enjoys an excellent reputation and also supports the enrollment of approximately 50 hearing impaired students, part of the Lake Drive Program, who travel from all over the state to attend Mountain Lakes High School.

Our comprehensive academic program is highlighted by over 70% of our seniors being enrolled in Advanced Placement classes. An overwhelming majority of students exceed basic requirements by taking four years of math and science.

The excellence of Mountain Lakes High School evolves from a collaborative, respectful atmosphere and a dedicated, caring faculty that maintains high expectations for all students. Over 75% of our student body maintain a 3.0 average or above and 45% were inducted into the National Honor Society. Traditionally, approximately 95% of the graduating class attends four-year colleges.

In order to prepare the students for future academic and workplace success, school goals encompass the skills of technology, effective communication, global awareness, and critical thinking skills. As these transcend the specific goals of any single discipline, they are an integral part of all curricular areas. The communication skills learned in the English classes are stressed across the curriculum with all courses requiring students to read, write and speak with clarity. Incisive analytical listening and viewing skills, integral elements of the Language Arts Literacy Standards, are developed in all content areas.
Extra-curricular participation and success are also hallmarks of Mountain Lakes High School. 94% of the student body was involved in at least one extra-curricular activity. Students have 50 clubs and 23 athletic programs to choose from. In our most recent year, eleven of the varsity teams won a conference, county, or state championship. We also pride ourselves on an outstanding commitment to the arts. Two major drama productions, a spring musical, madrigal choir, three instrumental bands, a forensics team, the student newspaper, a literary magazine, and five concerts give students an opportunity to earn state wide recognition for their achievements in the arts.

The specialization of this high performance school is its promotion of exceptional academic achievement in its students by providing a comprehensive, rigorous curriculum that challenges every student to develop the skills needed for success in a global society.

Mr. Jeremy Davies, Principal
(973) 334-8400