Netcong School District (27-3520)

Netcong School District

The Netcong School District, easily accessible by Routes 80, 46, and 206, is located in Morris County in the Borough of Netcong. As indicated in the Netcong Elementary School’s mission statement, the school is a tradition to nurture, inspire, empower, and achieve, by all, for all. Tradition and a family atmosphere are the backbone of the school.

The district consists of one school building, PreK - 8 with approximately 300 students with an adjoining annex that houses the Board of Education and Business Office. The administration consists of a Chief School Administrator, Business Administrator/Board Secretary, Business Office Secretary, and Assistant Principal. Upon graduation from Netcong Elementary School, students attend Lenape Valley Regional High School along with students from the nearby towns of Stanhope and Byram. Netcong School does not require transportation services since all students live within walking distance of the school. The small class sizes provide a safe, student-centered atmosphere with a challenging curriculum, an excellent teaching staff, and many student services. Smaller class sizes have optimized the learning experience for the students of Netcong.
Despite its small size and limited budgeting capabilities, the District is committed to maintaining a half-day morning and afternoon pre-school program and full-day kindergarten. The District possesses a commitment to teaching the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, and PARCC-infused preparation. The academic progress offered at Netcong inspires students to ultimately become fulfilled, contributing, and global citizens.
The enthusiastic, motivated, and student focused staff work together to maintain an environment conducive to student achievement, excellence, and the improvement of teaching and learning. The Netcong staff’s energy and enthusiasm is a result of their participating in frequent professional development experiences including workshops, seminars, conferences, and graduate courses. The staff and administration constantly strive to have students achieve the highest level of academic growth by identifying student needs through keen data analysis and applying the most effective instructional strategies to daily classroom experiences.

Netcong students come from diverse backgrounds and take great pride in their school and town. It is not uncommon to see many of our students at school both before and after scheduled school hours as they maintain their hard working, highly motivated, and dedicated attitude toward learning. Additionally, many of our graduates visit frequently and attend our school functions.
Parents are invited and welcomed to be an integral part of the educational process, and, therefore, are committed to working in partnership with the school to provide the best possible education for their children. Netcong’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) provides support in a multitude of ways, and parents are invited to serve on various committees throughout the year where their input is welcomed and valued. Likewise, the Netcong Educational Foundation (NEF) runs a before and after care program every day school is in session.

Netcong School’s reputation continues to be one of a sense of individual private education in a public school atmosphere.