The Wharton Borough Public School district is a Pre-K – 8 school system committed to educational excellence. Our district currently services approximately 780 students. It is the expectation of this school district to provide challenging learning opportunities for all students to become life-long learners and productive members of society.

The Mission of the Wharton Borough Public School District is to have students, “Learn to thrive in a dynamic world”. In pursuit of this, a goal and major initiative of the district has been to improve the education provided our students with improvements in our technological capabilities, programs and devices.
The district is very proud to announce that the district has not only met this goal, but greatly exceeded it. Within the past year, the schools have upgraded the infrastructure of our internet and added new switches, servers and security features. Additionally, each educational setting is equipped, uniformly, with a Smartboard and a “Teacher Workstation” computer. This uniformity provides both teachers and students seamless transitions to different learning environments.

Moving into this 2016-2017 School Year, through the hard work and dedication of the teaching staff, community members, administration and the Board of Education, the district can now provide technological devices at a “One-To-One” device to student ratio. Through efficient and cost-effective planning, the schools will now have a “Chromebook” available to each student in grades three through eight. This plan also incorporates a replacement and replenishment outline which will consistently replace devices on a three year revolving schedule. This means our students will continually be provided the latest technology in an ever changing world.

Both elementary and middle schools have begun the implementation of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). With this initiative, teachers, in similar content areas and grade levels will work together to address challenges, develop best practices and target improved achievement for students.

Reader’s Workshop continues to supplement our Writer’s Workshop curriculum and its implementation is progressing vertically through grade levels. This continues to address the district’s emphasis on improving student performance in the area of English Language Arts.

To further the district’s success and pursuit of academic achievement and success for all students, three goals have been established.

1. Raise student achievement levels by improving results at critical grade levels, sub-groups and content areas.

2. Increase parent and community involvement in the schools.

3. Improve the school district the school district culture and climate, to include safety and discipline.

The Wharton School District is entering its sixth year as a “Choice” District. This program allows for students, from other districts, the ability to apply to enroll in our schools. Being a Choice School generates revenue that is able to support programs that benefit all district children.

I would like to thank our outstanding staff, supportive Board of Education, involved parents and support organizations as all stakeholders must take an active role in our student’s education for our children to reach their fullest potential.