Eagleswood Township School District (29-1150)

Eagleswood Township School District

Greetings from Eagleswood Township Elementary School! The purpose of this report card is to provide the community with information about our school. Schools, to be effective, should constantly look to the future while maintaining the best of the past. With current educational research, and the resources of our staff's experience as maps to our future, we look to guide our young people into the twenty-first century.

This report card gives us a perfect opportunity to show interested members of the public what big accomplishments can happen at a small school. Our outstanding school programs and dedicated staff continue to bring praise and recognition to our school. It is with great pride that we share with others what we have here at Eagleswood Elementary. We are most proud of the wonderful students, their impressive accomplishments and excellent behavior. Our visitors often share how impressed they are with our students' behavior and attitude, the warm and caring staff, the supportive learning environment and the students’ joy for learning that is so obviously prevalent throughout the classrooms.

Eagleswood Elementary School is a small, single building school district with a strong sense of family and community. There are 142 students from preschool to sixth grade, with our preschoolers attending a full day program five days a week. Our size is not reflective of the diverse and enriching educational opportunities our children receive. From the basic core curriculum to extra-curricular music and art activities, Eagleswood students can get much more than a basic education.

As educators, it is imperative that we not only plan our programs based on state requirements, but also look at our student population and adjust academics to fit our school demographics. We continue to evaluate and modify our core curriculum to meet the needs of our students and to assure that we are always on the cutting edge of elementary education. Our small class sizes allow teachers to differentiate instruction enabling students to reach their maximum potential. The goal of differentiated instruction is to develop challenging and engaging tasks for each student at their own level.

Eagleswood Elementary School has successfully infused technology into all curricula areas. Each classroom has an interactive Promethean board. These interactive white boards have enhanced the education of our students by engaging the learner with digital content. It provides interaction between the students and the lesson while supporting many different learning styles. Learners are actively engaged in the learning process and teachers are developing creative lessons to capture students’ imagination and meet their learning objectives. We have installed advanced audio systems that fit perfectly within the school’s innovative classrooms and teaching techniques. Teachers wear a small infrared wireless microphone that transmits their voice(s) to a speaker system evenly distributed throughout the classroom. Using this device, teachers speak in a normal one-on-one voice, creating a comfortable listening and learning environment for each student.

A school district can only be as strong as the community support it receives. Community is what the Eagleswood Township School District is all about! As a small school, parents have more opportunity to be regularly involved in their children's educational activities and progress. We strongly encourage parents to join our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and participate in all school activities, like our winter weekend enrichment classes, candy bar bingo and numerous field trips. The PTA is very strong and at the heart of everything we offer at our school.

At Eagleswood Elementary School our focus is not only to provide an education based on academics, but also on character education and growth. The students learn the importance of being a good citizen, family member, and peer, and how to utilize these tools for successful futures. Empowering the students is a number one priority. At Eagleswood Elementary School our committed staff strives to make a difference with each and every student. With our small class sizes we are able to touch the lives of our students’ one at a time. Every child is an individual and thrives when treated as such. Our community prides itself on working together and providing opportunities for its families.

As you read the report card that follows, you will see in charts, graphs, and numbers how we're doing and how we compare to other districts. This is a great comprehensive tool. The heart and soul of a school, however, lie in the students, teachers, support staff, parents and the community itself. We feel fortunate to work in a school community where the kids are great, the parents are tremendously involved, and the community is generously supportive. I welcome you to learn more about the Eagleswood School. Please visit us at www.eagleswood.org for additional information.