Island Heights School District (29-2350)

Island Heights School District

The Island Heights Grade School serves students with a full range of educational services for students in Kindergarten through sixth grade. The school is a true community school, rich in parent involvement. The school strives to provide the foundation of skills upon which children can build. Our students are provided with learning experiences, which stimulate logical and critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, decision making, and communication, mathematical skills, a love of the arts and a growing awareness of self and others. Island Heights Grade School is committed to continuous improvement, providing a learning environment, which promotes responsibility, self-reliance, confidence in oneself, good citizenship and a sense of community. Our programs enable students to reach their full potential, as they transition to middle school.
At our school we have 125 students, a staff of 14 full-time teachers and 4 part-time teachers and 2 paraprofessionals. We provide child study team services for students ages three through the sixth grade. Also, a full time counselor provides individual, small group and classroom lessons addressing topics such as character education and bullying. All of our students walk or are transported to school in a small, quaint and caring community.
Various afterschool activities are offered to the students in Island Heights Grade School. These programs are taught by talented staff members and are conducted before or after school. Examples of these activities include academic assistance program, robotics/lego Clubs, band, performing arts and visual arts clubs, running club and various seasonal sports activity clubs.
Island Heights also offers a SAIL program which serves our Gifted and Talented population as well as a STARS program which serves our students in need of Basic Skills instruction. We also offer lessons in STEAM education to all grade levels in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. The staff at Island Heights is fully committed to offering an outstanding educational program to all of our students which instills a lifelong love of learning.