Long Beach Island Consolidated School District (29-2760)

Long Beach Island Consolidated School District

The Long Beach Island Consolidated School District schools offer a pre-k through sixth grade program, which is recognized for its outstanding educational opportunities. Our district is comprised of two schools: the Ethel A. Jacobsen Elementary School (grades PreK-2) is located in Surf City, and the Long Beach Island Grade School (grades 3-6) is located in Ship Bottom with a combined student population of approximately 230 students. Upon graduation, students attend Southern Regional School District throughout middle and high school grades 7-12. The LBI communities care deeply about the education of our students as evidenced by their ongoing support of our elementary schools' small-school settings. Children and residents truly become part of an extended school family.

Students are the heart of our school district. Our entire organization, consisting of the LBI Board of Education, administration, faculty and support staff have continually strived to enhance and implement an instructional program that is a supportive, caring environment that promotes personal growth and achievement.

The Common Core Standards provide the framework for all instruction, and teachers and administrators continue to work to ensure that all of our materials, practices and procedures support these goals. Curricula includes a balanced literacy approach to learning that includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, media literacy, and mathematics that branches into the realms of solving problems, reasoning abstractly and quantitatively, constructing arguments and critiquing reasons while utilizing mathematical tools. The LBI Science coursework engages students into the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) arena while preparing students for college and career readiness skills, 21st Century themes, and a commitment to cross-curricular technology infusion. Students in grades 4-6 have an opportunity to become a math/science intern and receive volunteer hours while engaging others to improve their skills. Specials offered include a comprehensive health and physical education program that incorporates swimming during two marking periods, art, music, world languages, and finally, a tiered research project approach to enrich all students' knowledge base. These are just a few of the highlights offered here in the Long Beach Island School District.

As Superintendent of the Long Beach Island School District, it is my privilege to serve such outstanding communities and continue to look into programs that will address the needs of our population. Our district was approved as a Choice District in 2011 and this has proved to be extremely successful with a STEM focus. We welcome you to visit our schools to see first-hand the excellent educational environment which characterizes the Long Beach Island Consolidated School District.