Ocean Township School District (29-3820)

Ocean Township School District

It has been an honor for me to serve the Ocean Township School District for the past seven years; and I do look forward to our future together. Moreover, I can honestly say that these past academic years have been the most rewarding and challenging of my twenty-eight years in education. With that said, I am eagerly awaiting the 2016-17 school year. Our district has such enormous potential and we will maximize it for the sake of the kids.

As a family of educators, we love our children. At the Ocean Township School District, perhaps the greatest rewards we receive can be found in sharing a part of someone’s life and knowing we’ve made a true difference in our approximately 550 students. Currently, we have approximately 32% of our student on free and reduced lunch. Our campus is made up of two schools and our district serves grades pre-k-6th . For grades 7-12 we send our students, on a tuition basis, to Southern Regional School District.

Our teachers know that children live up to what we believe of them. We also know that too often educators give children answers to remember rather than problems to be solved. This creed we live and work by. Also, we understand that no significant learning occurs without a significant relationship. With that, teaching is our greatest act of optimism. We know that with our own children we have a passion to help them become successful in life and school and we’ll give them every opportunity to do such. In our district, we extend that philosophy and truly are a family. We see students as our own children. Helping students reach their potential requires planning, individualization, and teaching strategies that reach all students.

At our schools, we love our students. Aside from keeping our kids safe, it remains most important for us to focus on moving our children forward. Moreover, test scores are one important measure of success. However, most importantly, is to measure where they are at the beginning of the school year and, consequently, at the end. Reading, writing and math are our major focus. Through the use of data-driven instruction we constantly differentiate our learning groups to meet our students at their skill level.

Furthermore, as a successful school district, we strive for a collaborative effort giving all stakeholders, including students, input as to the direction and daily life of its perpetual existence. We also understand that we have limited control outside of the school environment. With this factor in mind, we have maximized our parent involvement and support via our Parent Learning Communities (PLC for parents) featuring some topics as: Special education philosophies and educational training, study skills seminars, bulling and harassment awareness, literacy and mathematics sessions, parent meetings with representatives from all stakeholders (local government, residence from various sub-communities, parents, teachers, and administrators). With these after-hours information/training opportunities we know that our goal of reaching all of children’s potential is made much easier.
Our children’s needs dictate what we do on a daily basis and not what we assume they need as per pacing guides and curriculums. We use such tools as guided readers, limited text books, technology, and, of course, smiles to deliver education. These tools are the tracks for our voyage and not the destination. Hence, each student’s destination is mapped-out by using data-driven instruction and, in turn, flexible differentiated classroom groups based on present skill-level. We know that all children will reach their educational and social potential under our roof and beyond. Again, we love our kids!

The five year curriculum plan has been revised and updated to reflect state/federal standards. This school year we will be investigating new science/STEM and Social Studies curriculum and piloting a new Library/Media curriculum. Have a great year!